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Chicago Loan Modification

by Joana White

Loan Modification Chicago - This term is getting a lot of awareness during the current economic downturn and that comes as no shock. With a multitude of consumers committed to unpredictable A.R.M.s (adjustable rate mortgages) and practically no options to free themselves from them, loan modification/mortgage modification might be the only possible alternative for in over their head property owners. This term refers to when the bank modifies your existing loan (same mortgage you currently have, only changes are applied to the note) with the goal being to help you and make your existing mortgage cheaper. A modification to the rate, principal of the mortgage, delinquent charges owed, length of the mortgage etc. may be made by the creditor. In the old days this was only used in instances wherein situations where a debtor was past due however currently it is commonly used before a debtor is behind on their payments. Loan Modification is a popular term and the most common procedure to help homeowners shake off being foreclosed on.

A Mortgage Modification will modify the existing loan note and give the homeowner a brand new beginning in managing their mortgage. Overdue amounts will be added back to the end of the loan immediately.

With a loan modification you take the loan you now have and modify the rate and payment amounts in order to achieve a fixed rate. A modify in rates and payment amount does not result in the need for a new closing, legal fees, survey, appraisal, or taxes. However, a refinance will require you to go through a closing and pay all the related closing costs.

Lenders are willing to negotiate when homeowners are facing financial difficulties and can't obtain other financing alternatives. We show the lender why it would be in the bank's best interest to agree to a workout arrangement. In turn, the lender will decrease the loan rate, decrease monthly payment amounts or modify other loan terms to allow for a cheaper loan to allow the homeowners to avoid foreclosure.

Our function is to bring the bank and homeowner of toxic mortgages together to mutually agree to a deal that creates revamped and better loan terms which are affordable and realistic. The goal is that the modified loan will assist the homeowners to fulfill their commitments. And with our specific and customized financial analysis, our modification can be possible. Our homeowners accept the re-negotiated loan that is within their means, and don't ever have the need to lose sleep over being foreclosed on again.

Details to consider before requesting a loan modification:

* Property owner must be going through a financial hardship which has resulted in reduced earnings that impedes ability to meet monthly loan obligations.

* Property owner must have a job providing a stable monthly earnings.

* Property owner must desire to retain ownership of the home.

* Property owner must occupy the property as main residence.

A mortgage modification is a beneficial option for many consumers who may be struggling with the current tough economic times.

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