Rabu, 22 April 2009

New Technology And Starting A Business

by Diane Agussol

New technology with computers comes out non-stop. Computer consultants always to be in the know of new technology when it comes to computers and the software that comes with it. These computer consultants are, safe to say, having a relationship with new technology. These people are always looking for new 'toys' to fool around with, always looking for programs that are safe from hackers. The thing is when it comes to business on the internet, customers and consumers are not really interested in what software or technology is running the business. So it is better to spend less time figuring and toying around these technologies.

These new technology for computers are just a distraction one can not afford. To some it is nice to have the latest in technology, but unfortunately, most of the time it keeps these people from running their online businesses. The one thing these people have to realize is that consumers are not buying this new technology from them ergo they go not make money from it. Computer consultants are being paid for them to let their clients know the technology their clients are using.

Computer consultants working in the Information Technology Department of a company for a long period of time now means that these consultants are way ahead in experience compared to those computer consultants working in small businesses. The technology used in small business is on the average about a year and a half behind compared to those being used by big companies.

When starting a business, 90 percent of your learning must be focused on research and development. Only ten percent should be allotted to new technology.

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