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by Sam Abbott

Adobe PDF Creator

Create Professional Adobe® Compatible PDF Documents

Adobe PDF Creator is a cost effective solution over the dominant PDF product, Adobe Acrobat® 8. Adobe PDF Creator allows you to create PDF files from documents, spreadsheets, presentations, emails, websites, and for all intents and purposes any data that can be printed. Adobe PDF Creator is a virtual printer so it's conventionally integrated and all set for adoption in all of your main Windows® programs. This includes any of your Business applications, Multimedia applications, Web applications, Presentation applications and the checklist goes on and on. If you can print it, you can flip it into a PDF document.

Combine Multiple Files Into Adobe® Compatible PDF Documents

Adobe PDF Creator will even okay you to couple multiple files into one cinch to receive PDF document. You can combine your PowerPoint sales presentation with your sales spreadsheet into one central PDF document in a snap. You can combine any number of files of diverse file type into one powerhouse PDF document. You can combine your multimedia documents with your sales brochure or combine website pages with excel spreadsheets. The prospects are endless when using Adobe PDF Creator for your PDF development needs.

Secure Your Adobe® Compatible PDF Documents

Adobe PDF Creator has many bells and whistles that provide you total control when it comes to preserving your PDF documents. Adobe PDF Creator includes well-established 128bit encryption and will allow you to password preserve your PDF documents. You can even set a password for more exceptional features like modifying user permissions and passwords. With Adobe PDF Creator you can forbid Printing of the document, shut out Copying of Text and Images, prohibit Modifications to the document and censor Modifications to comments. You can even set your PDF document to allow or disallow the following features: Low Res Printing, Screen Readers, Filling in form and Changes to the Assembly. With Adobe PDF Creator you are in ultimate control of your PDF document.

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