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How to Send a Fax Online Without all the Bother and Trouble

by Burton Kane

For people who are searching for a web site which gives efficient Internet faxing services, it is optimal that they should try out the products and offerings of GoFaxer. With the aim of helping both single people and business establishments improve their work flow and keep up dependable lines of communication, this site provides exceptional online services which could surely assist both single people and business establishments enhance their performance. In addition, this site makes available interesting offers which families and individuals who are not in a business but also desire trustworthy faxing services can make use of.


GoFaxer is extreamly proud to offer 3 kinds of plans to customers, namely the Home Plan, the Pro Plan and the Max Plan. To service their clients capably, this site provides a 30-day trial of the send fax online plans which they want to avail. Customers who want to try the Home Plan should understand that it is inclusive of storage space of one Gbyte, consumption of 400 pages a month, at $0.05 a page, which boils down to the price of this reliable send fax online service every month is $9.95.

However for corporations and commercial customers which are interested in the Pro Plan, this plan ha storage space of 5 Gbyte, atotal of 1,200 pages, and it costs $24.95 a month.

Lastly, the Max Plan includes storage space of 1 GB, a consumption of five hundred pages, with a monthly bill of $12.95 billed to the local phone bill of consumers.


The Internet faxing services provided by this site are extremely reliable and beneficial to consumers. One of the advantages of the plans it promotes is convenience as consumers can get several faxes at one time. Also, the plans are extremely cost-efficient as the service does not consume actual paper to send and receive a fax and there are no set up fees for the plans. Lastly, the service is extremely trustworthy as the service can send numerous faxes online in just a couple seconds.

How the Faxing Service Works

To avail of this service, customers should sign up for their own account on the online home of GoFaxer. After registering, you will get your own personal fax number which is used any time sending fax messages. To send fax messages, consumers should log in on the site of the company and indicate the number which they want to send the fax.

After indicating the number, consumers can attach the papers and use a cover page for the faxes which they desire to send. As soon as the cover page is finished, they just press the send fax online button to send their pages. With the reliability and efficiency of online faxing services, clients have nothing to fret about when they need to send a fax online to their clients, friends, and families.

About the Author

Burton Kane is a home business owner and is a big supporter of send fax online services.

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