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How to make a strong start as your own boss

by Michael Starks

You probably already have ideas about how to market your new business. Offering an introductory price can help bring in those first few jobs to get you going. You can add a coupon to your print advertising, or give your family and friends gift certificates that they can pass on to their acquaintances. You can't offer your services at a discount for very long without your bottom line suffering, so remember not to overdo it.

Start with a limited amount of advertising until you get a feel for how much business you can handle. You'll want to establish that your business can make a profit before you overextend yourself, and to develop a quality product that you can confidently boast about.

Buy your equipment, office furniture, and other accessories such as business cards and letterhead, as you can afford them. Don't go into debt in order to have all the latest doo-dads right from the beginning. What you need may change several times along the way, so buy only what's important to get started, and instead let your excitement and passion about what you're doing be the key to a successful beginning.

You may need to take some jobs you don't relish working on, but if it means compromising your principles or working for a client you don't respect, let that job go and look for one that will further your career. Don't waste your time working on something that you won't be proud to list among your accomplishments.

When you're ready to grow, start by hiring someone to do the tasks that don't require your particular expertise. Hire one person at a time. It will be easier to manage hiring setbacks if you find a good associate who will stick with you for the long term before hiring the next person.

Establish policies regarding your deliverables and payment terms, and provide them in writing when you accept an assignment. When a client knows up front what your business practices are, there will be less opportunity for disagreements. It is quite acceptable to request a down payment or instalments when specific milestones are reached. This will help avoid the heartbreak of having a client refuse to pay you after you have completed an entire project.

In turn, you should provide regular status reports and professional-looking invoices, and do your utmost to meet deadlines. If you know you will miss a deadline, let your client know as soon as possible, and offer a concession. They don't have to know about every little thing that goes wrong, but be open about problems or mistakes they need to know about, and tell them promptly so they have an opportunity to make necessary adjustments. They will appreciate your honesty. If they find out later that you lied about something, you will not get their business again. Treat your clients well and they will hire you again and recommend you to others.

To your success,

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About the Author

Michael Starks is a Internet Network Marketing & Personal Development coach, that's here to assist small &/or home based business owners by teaching them how to properly market themselves utilizing Web 2.0 techniques. The goal is to help you stretch, further than you already are to achieve the goals & dreams to came to Network Marketing for.

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