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Avoiding some of the common mistakes made by new work at home professionals

by Michael Starks

You went into business for yourself to experience the freedom and independence of being your own boss. Don't be afraid to use that independence to your advantage. Let your intuition work for you. If a deal makes you uncomfortable, even if you're not sure why, chances are you don't need that job. Find another one that you can feel good about.

Don't hide the fact that your business is new and you are the only employee. Some people think it sounds better if they refer to themselves as "we." This is just not necessary, and many clients will appreciate the fact that the buck stops with you. Being too formal is another way to turn off potential clients. Be yourself and let your company be identified by your own unique personality and spirit. Your work will be much more enjoyable if you attract customers who like the real you. Sometimes a friendly email using your contact's first name says "I want to establish a good relationship with you" better than "Dear Mr. President:"

While you're establishing your business, charge prices that reflect your level of expertise. Trying to earn top dollar before you have established a track record can cause you to struggle even harder. Don't forget to periodically evaluate your operations and upgrade or outsource your processes where there is a need to be more cost effective.

Establish solid business relationships; a written contract is secondary to a good alliance, and should be thought of only as a guide to the relationship. If you have good rapport with your client, verbal revisions to the agreement are sufficient in most circumstances. Don't make the mistake of viewing contracts as tools of enforcement. If someone reneges on a contract, chances are you won't have the time or money to seek legal recourse. It's your connection to your client that will ultimately fortify the relationship, not the paper it's written on.

You will run into clients, with whom you probably should not do business, so don't feel you have to sell your services to everyone. Be picky about whom you work with. If they don't have a solid idea about what they want from you, they will probably end up wasting time that you could invest in focusing on a better client. Networking is often beneficial, but learn to separate good networking from that which just wastes your time.

Always strive for the right balance between making money and providing value to your customers. Stay focused on value creation and be sure your clients are receiving the kind of service that will garner recommendations. If you're in business only to make money, you will eventually find your work unsatisfying.

Anyone who has the fortitude to start their own business likely had some great business ideas to begin with. Trust your vision and choose your own path. It's probably the one that will make you the most successful.

To your success,

Starks E Services

About the Author

Michael Starks is a Internet Network Marketing & Personal Development coach, that's here to assist small &/or home based business owners by teaching them how to properly market themselves utilizing Web 2.0 techniques. The goal is to help you stretch, further than you already are to achieve the goals & dreams to came to Network Marketing for.

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