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Win At Forex Trading - Can You Do It Answer This Question!

by kelly Price

If you want to win at forex trading you need to answer the question in this article - if you can't answer it, you will join the 95% of forex traders who lose money so see if you can answer it...

My trading edge (defined) is:

A trading edge is something that will put you in the 5% of winning traders. Keep in mind, the vast majority of forex traders lose 95% and you need an edge to beat them Let's look at what is not an edge. Many traders think the beliefs below will help them win but they wont - here they are:

- I can forex day trade and scalp and win
- Forex expert opinion and news is a great way to trade
- I am following a forex robot I bought online
- My broker gives great advice
- Buy low sell high is a great way to make money
- I think the best way to win is to predict price movement
- The more I trade the more I will make
- You have to be in the market all the time in case you miss a big move
- The more complicated my trading system the better the chances of profit
- The harder you work the more you make

All the above are beliefs held by losing traders. Believe any of them and you will lose.

To win at forex trading you need an edge, all edges are different but there are certain common traits.

Here are some basics of a forex trading strategy that has an edge.

- A simple trading system which is robust based on trading the odds.
- Long term trend following or swing trading
- Trading the reality of price change and the truth rather than predicting
- Strict money management
- The user knows why there system works and why it will continue to work
- The user from the above has confidence which leads to discipline.
- The user knows success relies on them and their ability

The formula for market success is:

Forex trading system + Discipline to apply = Long Term Forex Profits

The key really is mindset to know why your system will win and have confidence in the edge, so you can apply the system with discipline. If you can't apply your trading system with discipline you will lose.

A trading edge is essential to win and success comes from within. If you think you can follow other peoples systems or opinions you will lose. Most traders are naïve lazy or both and simply don't see that success relies on them and them alone.

Of course, if you understand the above and learn currency trading the right way, your forex education can lead you to long term success. Forex trading is hard and you would expect it to be with the rewards on offer - but that's good news!

It means more money for you, if you trade the right way and acquire a trading

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