Kamis, 03 April 2008

Popular Types of Bags

by Larry Williams

Bags are not just a fashion accessory but an essential part of everyone's wardrobe. They are available in many types and you can match them with your needs. Bags are the most convenient and comfortable way to carry your belongings. Today there is a wide variety of bags available in the market and you can find bags of different types, sizes, colors, and styles. Take a look at a few popular types of bags.

Sports bags: Sports bags are excellent for athletes and fitness buffs. They are designed to meet the rigorous demands of the players and come with various compartments to hold all the essential items like sports gear, towel, sports bands, sippers, socks, etc. Some of them are also outfitted with special separate wet and dry compartments to keep your wet items away from the dry ones.

Shoe Bags: Shoe bags are specially designed to carry shoes with ease and are usually equipped with zippers and side pockets for socks, laces, and other accessories. Shoe bags not only protect your shoes but also prevent your shoes from muddling or spoiling other things kept in the bag.

Computer Bags: Computer bags protect your expensive laptops and make it easy for you to carry your laptop. They come with robust padding, locks, exterior pockets, water resistant zippers, and compartments for the convenience of the user. Computer bags are very practical and stylish and are specially designed for the safety of these gadgets.

Travel bags: Today you can find wide variety of stylish and roomy travel bags to suit all your traveling needs. They come with multiple compartments and are usually made from water resistant and durable materials. Some of them are also equipped with wheels for ease of use.

Tote bags: Tote bags are very versatile, unisex bags that offer excellent functionality. These bags are spacious enough to carry all your belongings, such as towels, water bottles, address book, notebooks, hats, gloves, etc. Tote bags are available in different designs, sizes, fabrics and styles. Some of them are also equipped with two-way zippers and convenient exterior pockets to add to the convenience of the user.

Messenger Bags: Messenger bags offer great functionality and are very popular among youngsters. Their casual flair has made them a personal favorite of school and college going students. These bags usually feature a sack style and can be swung across the shoulder. Messenger bags come with adjustable shoulder straps and quick release buckles and are comfortable to carry. You can also attach other accessories, such as lights, phone holsters or U-locks to enhance their utility. Messenger bags have become urban fashion icon and are widely used by cyclists and commuters.

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