Kamis, 03 April 2008

Compensation Resources, Inc. Releases Its 2008 Severance Survey

by Andrew Sellers

Upper Saddle River, N.J. - April 1, 2008 - Compensation Resources, Inc.(CRI) has released the results of its 2008 Severance Survey. The purpose of this study was to obtain current data on the prevalence of various practices affecting severance policies among employers that represent all sizes, locations, and industries. Data was compiled from survey questions that were developed by CRI and distributed to companies in over 18 industries, in addition to Non-Profit organizations. The survey sampled severance data from a variety of organizations, collected in February 2008.

This survey reports the different areas of severance. Some of the information reported includes implementation, updates, how often the current policy is reviewed, employee satisfaction, and paid out. The survey also reports by employee level the length of severance based on the manner in which it is, flat number of weeks and also number of weeks per year of service.

Other major points recorded in this survey are:

* Healthcare costs and coverage

* Outplacement eligibility and services

* Covenants

This survey covers the major areas of severance and is a necessity in the industry. For the price of $125, it is a must have handbook for your company's bookshelf.

For more information or to order the survey, please contact Andrew Sellers at (877) 934-0505 x115 or visit our website at www.compensationresources.com

About the Author

Andrew Sellers is the Information Technology Manager of Compensation Resources, Inc. He is primarily responsible for directing and leading the computer operations, as well as network stability throughout CRI. Mr. Sellers is also responsible website development and marketing.

Mr. Sellers manages the survey department of CRI. He is responsible for the timely gathering of survey data and publication of each of the five publications on salari

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