Senin, 03 Maret 2008

Why Should I Even Consider A Home Based Business Opportunity?

by Dipo Lashore

I want to assume you've probably been in, introduced to, or contacted at one time or the other by network marketers, to a Home Based Business Opportunity, Network Marketing/Direct Sales, MLM or just about any Business Opportunity out there. You've also probably wondered what the fuss is about this Home Based Business or the Network Marketing/Direct Sales business. You've most likely even asked yourself, "Why should I be involved in a Network Marketing or Home Based Business Opportunity?" or "What Am I going to gain from being in a Home Based Business? This is what prompted me to write this article; Why You Absolutely Deserve To Be in a Network Marketing/Home Based Business Opportunity.

Well, let's make some references to the big guns, the Well-Connected and the Influentials in the society. We are talking about people like Warren Buffett, known as the Oracle of Omaha, the #1 Investor, the founder and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, who has bought more than about half a dozen network marketing companies. Of course, we cannot forget to mention New York Times Bestsellers - #1 Business Author and Billionaire, Donald J. Trump and #1 Personal Finance Author and Millionaire, Robert T. Kiyosaki - who co-wrote the great book that is helping to impact many lives, Why We Want You To Be Rich and recommended Network Marketing as one of the great vessels to help the society in moving from the left side of the quadrant; from being in the "Employed" or "Self-Employed" quadrants to being a "Business Owner" quadrant where you begin to actually direct the affairs of money in your life.

Now, let's really discuss: Why a Home Based Business Opportunity or Network Marketing, MLM or a Direct Sales Business? It's simply because it is the way by which many big companies now are reaching out to the masses instead of the traditional distribution model. What do I mean by that? Think about the way particular products are usually distributed... There are many processes that are involved; there's usually manufacturing by the producer, then the products are loaded on the truck and further transported to the stores out there where the products get to be sold. Now consider all the energy, time, efforts and resources that have gone out in just finally presenting these products to the consumers. That is why these Network Marketing, Direct Sales, MLM and Home Based Business Opportunities have stepped in... to be able to take care of all the hassles that have gone on through the traditional distribution system. This is to say that a Home Based Business Opportunity, Network Marketing, Direct Sales or MLM are the medium by which these big companies reduce time, money and efforts in order for the products to get to the consumer.

In a very short and clear statement, the Distribution Model with Nework Marketing/Direct Sales companies are clean and very efficient. They are simply a unique and efficient model that properly allows the money that would have otherwise gone to the payment of the labor cost involved in the loading of the products on the truck, the transportation and shipping costs, the construction costs of many storefronts all over the country or the world and then of course, not forgetting the costs involved in promotion and the advertising that would have gone into place by the producer of this product.

My question to you is this: Do you understand that those people who actually achieve true financial freedom are those who are involved in what we call the "Profit System" rather than the "Wage System". To quote America's Foremost Business Philosopher, Jim Rohn, in one of his classics, The Challenge To Succeed, "Profits Are Better Than Wages. Wages Make You A Living But Profits Make You A Fortune". In very few words, for you to just make a living, you will be better-off living in the Wage System, i.e living from paycheck to paycheck but if you actually want to live and amass great fortune, it is time to move, have a shift of mentality and position yourself into the Profit System because that is the only place where you're going to achieve true Financial Freedom. And this is precisely why the Network Marketing System, the Home Based Business Opportunity, MLM or Direct Sales Business exist; this is the opportunity to grant the average Joe, who is willing to work hard, to amass great fortune for both himself and his family.

About the Author

Dipo Lashore is a successful Network Marketing Consultant, Trainer, Coach and Mentor committed to creating Success and Wealth in others, one person at a time through the Network Marketing/Direct Sales Industry. To learn more about Network Marketing/Direct Sales or the Home Based Business, visit Dipo Lashore at

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