Senin, 03 Maret 2008

Where To Get A Video Games Distributor: Client Feedback

by Joaquin Reveron

There are thousands of places to scan the validity of a video games distributor, but the majority if not 100% of every single authority site - leaves you with a feeling of skepticism for buying wholesale video games. Sites with broken links leaving you nowhere. Sites with bad design representation that all of them combined will leave you thinking that a fast food burger will suit you instead of having any kind of business with such found distributor.

Reality being, there are numerous amounts of directories that provide and share good distributors. Not all of them are a waste of time since these directories are the kind of portal contact sites that most of us as sellers group the addresses, all the immediate contact information and discard the ones that are not worthy of our time. It is common sense. Many of us also get lucky enough to see the validity in them, immediately contact them for business and order a sample from the games distributor or general source and probably such distributor becoming a smashing hit for your business. Rare cases!

There are only a handful of directories that I will personally recommend to any of my readers and current customers. Those are, Wholesale Central, Wholesale DIR and now growing bigger than ever - Wholesale Hub. You can type these names in the search engines in chronological order and there are big possibilities that spending an 1 hour on such specific distributors and researching them, will be as prudent as getting a cup of tea in every beautiful morning.

Wholesale Central is one of the good ones for electronic distributors. Video games can also be found as of today with different sources across the globe in different countries and continents. Like in all directories, these are distributors that pay for being in certain positions.

In my personal opinion, it is like me going to Google Adwords, becoming a distributor of knives, marketing myself in 2 sentences like no other e-commerce site and getting clicks and visitors for staying on top for a permanent fee or yearly recurrent fee. Believe me, business directories are a treasure of continued business, however, is the items that you are finding there what you want to sell?

I personally have memberships in all three wholesale directories. They are fantastic and I recommend them to anyone with enough time to research and for testing purposes.

The interesting situation is when you are a newlywed, selling below retail thanks to a new founded supplier and you add yourself by paying a fee for posing as an authority. I mean, can you found them anywhere online on Google, Yahoo and MSN and confirm that they are video games distributors, electronic distributors or the new liquidation clearance center of your block? It does not work this way anymore.

Fact for anyone who purchases at wholesale in order to profit out of re-sell or drop-shipping high priced merchandise, profitable distributors cannot be easily found or located on the Internet. Most of them can only be found by reference, email and telephone contact information.

For some reason, the good ones stayed in the traditional marketing style of phone, fax and now email. Websites for most of them are out of the equation. If you want to save and profit from video games distributors or general wholesale electronics, take yourself some time to research the owner of the opportunity and continue with the diligence with your new business source for the good!

About the Author

A Video Games Distributor is one of the business components Joaquin serves as reference source, e-commerce coach and certified author. His focus today is assisting people receive extra income through the selling of Wholesale Video Games

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