Senin, 03 Maret 2008

Relationship Marketing for a Home Based Business

by Darrell Lischka

In today's fast paced society, there seems to be an ever increasing quest and thirst for getting access to information at the speed of light. Oh sure the internet has revolutionized that process and I for one am very happy to have this sort of access. I use the internet on a daily basis to build my residual income and create a solid home based business. However, it seems while we are in such a rush to develop the next greatest technology to utilize, we have moved away from one key area that is still entrenched in most people. People don't like to be sold. Rather people buy who we are before they buy what we have to offer. It's called relationship marketing and it's so old, that it's new again.

Let me explain what I mean by relationship marketing by the following example. In mlm we hear about the success stories of some people coming into a company and within 6 months they are making a substantial residual income in a home based business. It got me thinking when I was talking to my good friend and coach Cameron Howard about those instant success stories that we periodically hear about. You need to understand that the main reason someone is so successful right away is because of relationship marketing. Those individuals over many years usually have established credibility and respect with hundreds or sometimes thousands of people. So when they decide to move to another company, they have instant credibility and are able to develop a residual income in a home based business. Success leaves clues and you need to really understand this important distinction because this is the only and ethical way to truly build an on line internet business and create a solid residual income for many years.

Gone are the days when you could put some cheap ad or internet site together and all of a sudden your phone is ringing off the hook with orders. I'm not sure that ever really happened. My point is that if you approach your business with a get rich quick attitude, you will not last. It just doesn't work that way and it is certainly not a way I would ever coach anyone. Maybe when the internet was first introduced to the masses, people were intrigued by the kinds of information one could have at their fingertips. However, as the internet matures, so too are people getting more educated and sophisticated. People want and crave information on everything today, including how to create a residual income and build a successful home based business. This is not rocket science and much of it when you break it down is very straight forward and just requires some time to invest in understanding how things work.

I believe part of the problem with many network marketers, they hit you between the eyes with their product/opportunity within minutes, and sometimes seconds, of first contact. This proves they are not thinking about you, but about their needs. Part of the problem is they don't have a coach to guide them through the process. No respect and they certainly do not understand about relationship marketing and how it can build a residual income and solidify their home based business.

People become our customers and partners because they respect us. It really is that simple and it's the way the internet is evolving to conduct business online. Respect takes time to build, time being the key word. Our own children know we love them by the time we spend with them not by our words. The time we give others proves our respect.

Becoming successful in network marketing is simply about creating a circle of influence or relationships of people that respect you. Over a period of time, you can develop a very stable passive residual income and have a solid home based business. I could not recall or attempt too how many times my good friend and coach would say that we invest time in people. We must invest time into that before a residual income is realized. Impatiently going through huge numbers of people to find the small percentage that are ready right now can be a very demanding and stressful job. By believing in what we are doing, knowing that if we plant enough seeds of respect we will reap a wonderful harvest one day, we build a solid circle of influence and that is our greatest asset in network marketing or any business.

Stay focused, build relationships with people, share relevant information with people and over time, you too can have a residual income and a comfortable home based business.

Darrell Lischka

About the Author

I've been in the home based profession for the past 10 years. Picked up some information along the way to share with anyone that wants to learn.

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