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Computer Skills Are as Important as Marketing Skills for Online Business Success

by Jewel Stuck

Computer skills are imperative for online business owners to have along with business knowledge. This is because managing and operating an online business and providing merchandise and services over the Internet from day to day is not only a marketing achievement, it is a technological one. This means that entrepreneurs, no matter how savvy, are helpless if they do not know how to work their way through the technology; marketing strategies for online businesses rely on software programs designed to promote business interests in ways that would help companies grow. A working knowledge of online systems, such as Windows™ ; software uploads/downloads; programs that include Flash®, Adobe®, Java®; business networking; and hypertext languages, especial HTML and/or PHP, for managing site operation are among those skills that business owners must master in addition to accounting and advertising in order to succeed

Because of this, business schools have incorporated online business courses into their curricula, even to the extent of developing emphases and concentrations quite similar to majors in college. College students who plan on eventually developing their own online business who be best served in taking both Computer Science and Business courses to prepare them for their careers, and, yes, online business, or ecommerce, has become so prevalent in the world today that it has become a viable and thriving career for many professionals. As a matter of fact, ecommerce has become so important in the business world that anyone going into business will inevitably interact in Internet affairs. Because of this, computer technology is essential whether one is intending to go into ecommerce or not. Ecommerce has become a major playing field in current world economics.

In short: Anyone incapable of effectively working with cyber communities will not succeed. Graduates without any preparation in computer and/or Internet technology are very disadvantaged and undesirable as business prospects.

To say this means that online business owners are necessarily going to need to establish their own online banking account; negotiate hypertext language to facilitate their own convenient means; create and upload clipart and other icons; purchase and sell; write and set up tutorials; design and construct webpage templates that includes advertisements like banners, pop-ups and Viral Ads; moderate forums; provide technical support to people from different countries; manage administration of day-to-day activities that include online registration, subscriptions and merchandise ordering; and communicate clearly and effectively with people from all over the world.

Online communities function on their own respective rules an cyber-cultural mores, just like real-world societies, so those individuals who interact within those communities must understand and know how to maneuver through them with ease and forethought in order to survive.

As for online businesses, they understably and advantageously have a lower overhead than brick-and-mortar businesses, but their challenges make them worthy of professional consideration in the world of economics, not only despite the technological dimension involved, but because of it. Ecommerce has become its own thriving world with its own requirements and destinctions to stand on it's own, and this is precisely because of those many skillful people who have created and manage it.

By Jewel Stuck


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