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Five Powerful Ways To Use Google In Hospitality

by Vineeth Purushothaman

The number of Google applications which exist are phenomenal - no wonder it dominates the internet. So whether it is the independent hotelier or a chain, there is much to be made from looking at how some of them can be made to work for the hotel industry.

1) Google Analytics

Analytics is becoming more and more well known as a fantastic application to track and analyse visitors, trends, searches etc. All it requires is the insertion of a small html code generated by Google Analytics into your web template or the page you want to track. From the following day, a multitude of options to understand visits by city, which keywords have landed them on the site, which websites have sent traffic, which pages are most popular and how long they stayed there - just to name a few, will be available on your dashboard as you log in...used well, this is a great way to focus marketing funds as well as to correct weaknesses in the website in terms of retaining customers. The possibilities are endless and I have just listed a few - more at http://www.google.com/analytics/

2) Google maps

They are a great way of pinpointing hotel locations on your website http://maps.google.com/

3) E-mail with Gmail

While most corporate organizations as well as smaller companies have their own domains and e-mail set ups, managing their e-mails while traveling has always been a challenge. Gmail is a very flexible solution which allows you to respond with your domain e-mail provided you set it up that way. So even if one does not have company wide intranets and VPN dial ups, Gmail offers you a simpler way of responding to work e-mails while on the move. You can also pick up e-mails on gmail on your mobile phones as long as you have internet access. http://mail.google.com/mail

4) Blogger

While there are still discussions on the pros and cons of blogging, there is no doubt that if you are looking for one of the most user friendly blogging platforms, Blogger will come on the top of the list. http://www.blogger.com/

Wordpress is another blogging platform popular with the blogging community.

5) Google search

While this is certainly not news, very few people use Google search effectively. With the internet throwing up hundreds of thousands of new sites and blogs every day, the accuracy of the search becomes more and more relevant. Spending an hour to understand the mechanics of the search function on Google can save hours and hours of time when one needs quick access to relevant accurate information.

Just using quotes around the term you are trying to find gives you far more accurate and as well as better related results eg: "itb"Berlin, rather than itb Berlin on its own.

And of course there are more, Google documents, Google calendar, Google Picasa for managing images, Google Adwords etc

Google documents allow you to manage your documentation online, while the calendar function can be integrated and used with other calendar applications. Picasa is a very user friendly photo software which allows you to store, file, collate and share in one easy user interface.

So with all these powerful applications available free, there is certainly enough incentive to make them work for you.

About the Author

Vineeth is the Director of his own hospitality company, Hospitality Sales Solutions, based in London, which provides holistic sales solutions to the hotel and travel industry. www.hospitalitysalessolutions.co.uk For more ideas and resources please visit http://hotelladder.blogspot.com

Computer Skills Are as Important as Marketing Skills for Online Business Success

by Jewel Stuck

Computer skills are imperative for online business owners to have along with business knowledge. This is because managing and operating an online business and providing merchandise and services over the Internet from day to day is not only a marketing achievement, it is a technological one. This means that entrepreneurs, no matter how savvy, are helpless if they do not know how to work their way through the technology; marketing strategies for online businesses rely on software programs designed to promote business interests in ways that would help companies grow. A working knowledge of online systems, such as Windows™ ; software uploads/downloads; programs that include Flash®, Adobe®, Java®; business networking; and hypertext languages, especial HTML and/or PHP, for managing site operation are among those skills that business owners must master in addition to accounting and advertising in order to succeed

Because of this, business schools have incorporated online business courses into their curricula, even to the extent of developing emphases and concentrations quite similar to majors in college. College students who plan on eventually developing their own online business who be best served in taking both Computer Science and Business courses to prepare them for their careers, and, yes, online business, or ecommerce, has become so prevalent in the world today that it has become a viable and thriving career for many professionals. As a matter of fact, ecommerce has become so important in the business world that anyone going into business will inevitably interact in Internet affairs. Because of this, computer technology is essential whether one is intending to go into ecommerce or not. Ecommerce has become a major playing field in current world economics.

In short: Anyone incapable of effectively working with cyber communities will not succeed. Graduates without any preparation in computer and/or Internet technology are very disadvantaged and undesirable as business prospects.

To say this means that online business owners are necessarily going to need to establish their own online banking account; negotiate hypertext language to facilitate their own convenient means; create and upload clipart and other icons; purchase and sell; write and set up tutorials; design and construct webpage templates that includes advertisements like banners, pop-ups and Viral Ads; moderate forums; provide technical support to people from different countries; manage administration of day-to-day activities that include online registration, subscriptions and merchandise ordering; and communicate clearly and effectively with people from all over the world.

Online communities function on their own respective rules an cyber-cultural mores, just like real-world societies, so those individuals who interact within those communities must understand and know how to maneuver through them with ease and forethought in order to survive.

As for online businesses, they understably and advantageously have a lower overhead than brick-and-mortar businesses, but their challenges make them worthy of professional consideration in the world of economics, not only despite the technological dimension involved, but because of it. Ecommerce has become its own thriving world with its own requirements and destinctions to stand on it's own, and this is precisely because of those many skillful people who have created and manage it.

By Jewel Stuck


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About the Author

Member of Global Resorts Network.

9 Ways to Make an Extra $100

by Ryan Taylor

Increasing your income a little bit can go a long way. A 20-year-old, for example, who invests that $100 every month in a plain index fund that tracks the S&P 500 will actually retire a millionaire. Here are 9 ways to make an extra $100 a month so you can create more wealth:

1. Join an Affiliate Program: An affiliate program can offers great products and pays commissions for referring other people to purchase the product. Over time it could change your life as you earn commissions off your referrals' referrals.

2. Sell on Ebay and Craigslist: That stuff sitting in your basement collecting dust is valuable to somebody. Do some spring cleaning by selling some extra things around the house, or do some bargain hunting and flip your findings for a quick profit.

3. Online Surveys: Get paid to take free online surveys. Completing just a few online surveys a month can quickly add up to an extra $100/month in your spare time.

4. Word Processing: There are a lot of people who do not have a computer or know how to type well. Advertise your services to type reports, letters and documents. 5. House Sitting: People who travel need their plants watered, their dogs walked and their mail collected. Put an ad on craigslist.org for your services and see if you can get paid to watch over their house for them.

6. Design Websites: If you are technically and graphically savvy, building websites can be a lucrative side business.

7. Baby Sit: Babysitting can pay quite a bit if you create a name for yourself.

8. Donate Plasma: Donating plasma is a process similar to donating blood, but pays about $25 and can be done once a week.

9. Mystery Shopper: Mystery shopping pays you to go shopping. Retailers and shoppers will pay you to act as a legitimate shopper, even though you are actually rating employees and the store on attitude, cleanliness, etc.

A small amount of money can go a long way when The Power of Compound Interest kicks in. Not having enough money to invest is an excuse that can easily be solved with a little extra effort.

About the Author

If you liked this article, you'll enjoy Ryan's blog, Millionaire Money Habits. Visit now. A free gift to increase your wealth is waiting for you: http://www.i-endeavors.com

How Being Happy Now Leads to Future Success

by Cristin Lind

True or false: Success leads to happiness.

I'm not usually a betting woman, but I'd wager big money you believe that's true. You hopefully have first-hand experience of the joy resulting from any number of favorable life circumstances, like a comfortable income, a promotion, marriage, prestige, good health or friendship.

But would it surprise you to learn that if we flipped this cause and effect statement around and suggested that happiness leads to success, it would also be true? Recent medical research explains why.

Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ph.D., of University of California, Riverside, and co-authors Laura King, Ph.D., of University of Missouri, Columbia and Ed Diener, Ph.D., of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign examined 225 studies to determine how happiness and positive affect are related to culturally-valued success. While they don't dispute that success does lead to happiness, they also found that success results from happiness as well.

"Our review provides strong support that happiness, in many cases, leads to successful outcomes, rather than merely following them," said Lyubomirsky, "and happy individuals are more likely than their less happy peers to have fulfilling marriages and relationships, high incomes, superior work performance, community involvement, robust health and even a long life."

How does happiness create success? The researchers propose that people who generally feel that life is going well "can expand their resources and friendships; they can take the opportunity to build their repertoire of skills for future use; or they can rest and relax to rebuild their energy after expending high levels of effort." In other words, when we are not using all of our energy to protect or defend ourselves or recover from a perceived loss, we can turn our energy outward toward new goals and achievements.

"When people feel happy," Lyubomirsky continues, "they tend to feel confident, optimistic, and energetic, and others find them likable and sociable. Happy people are thus able to benefit from these perceptions."

When we're happy, we're likely to take on new challenges, make new social connections, learn new skills and get curious about learning new things. If you're interested in personal growth, being happy is an effective strategy.However, being happy for no reason is a challenge. If you're happiness usually depends on something happening to you--like finding a great bargain, enjoying beautiful weather, or receiving a compliment--it can seem strange to try to get happy just for the sake of being happy. Yet if we operate according to the findings of Lyubomirsky and her colleagues, this is exactly what we need to do.

At the risk of seeming naively optimistic, I can share with you that I personally start every day intentionally getting into a good mood. I don't mean getting calm or peaceful or unstressed, I mean downright glad. Here are some things that work for me as well as some additional ideas that may work for you:

-listen to a song that makes you feel good (I have a couple of songs on my laptop specifically for this purpose)

-read an uplifting quote (I have a collection of these)

-browse through notes of appreciation that people have sent you (I have a collection of these too--feel free to add to them at any time...)

-think about something you are grateful for

-reflect on past successes

-take a few deep breaths

-focus on something in your environment that is beautiful or enjoyable

-look at happy pictures of yourself

-read or tell a joke

-say hello to your co-workers with a smile

-play with one of the "executive toys" on your desk


Intentionally getting into a good mood for no reason doesn't mean being in denial about reality. The authors note that happy people are capable of experiencing sadness and negative emotions in response to negative events, which is a healthy and appropriate response.

They are also clear that happiness is not a "magic elixir" or a "royal road to the perfect life." Other characteristics such as intelligence, perseverance and conscientiousness are desirable traits, but not the same as happiness.

Being happy is simply about creating a fertile internal landscape where growth, openness and curiosity can thrive and flourish. And since being happy is what most of us want out of work and out of life, isn't the freedom and ability to be happy the ultimate success?

A note to managers

As a manager, the idea of trying to increase your team members' happiness may strike you as too touchy-feely, too much like parenting, or simply impossible.

Instead, you may want to consider encouraging, and even more importantly, modeling, characteristics that the researchers found correspond to happiness, such as "confidence, optimism, and self-efficacy; likeability and positive construal of others; sociability, activity and energy; prosocial behavior; immunity and physical well-being; effective coping with challenge and stress; and originality and flexibility."

This may involve:

-promoting pleasant, respectful behavior and addressing rudeness

-encouraging your team to take care of their health and physical well-being

-offering training and techniques for handling stress and managing their workload

-promoting work-life balance and making it permissible to turn work off

-giving positive feedback; the study shows that happy people are more sensitive to rewards in their environment, and are more likely to approach rewarding situations

More effective than any of these ideas is the strategy of focusing on your own good mood, and looking for small but frequent opportunities to express it. The article cites a study that shows that mildly unhappy (dysphoric) people are likely to under-perform in leadership and social positions. Human emotions are complex, and can't be regulated by policies and procedures. If your staff perceives an inauthentic optimism or feels that they must force a smile no matter what the challenge, any attempts at false happiness can certainly backfire. As with many useful management techniques, talking the talk before we walk the walk won't get us far. How you feel and act likely has a greater impact than anything you say.

About the Author

Cristin is a member of the Network for Productivity Excellence and is a certified GO System trainer. She specializes in teaching busy, creative professionals in healthcare and higher education, and her clients include groups and individuals at Harvard University, Dartmouth College, Massachusetts General Hospital, Partners Healthcare, MIT, Boston University and Eli Lilly.

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Paper Cutter Safety

by Jeff McRitchie

Guillotine paper cutters have developed something of a dangerous reputation. Because they are equipped with extremely sharp blades and exert substantial force, they are effective in getting things done. The same features that make paper cutters effective also make them dangerous. Because of these things, accidents involving these paper cutters do occur from time to time. Paper cutters are available in more styles than you can possibly imagine. There are literally hundreds of styles of available. Not all paper cutters are built the same-especially when it comes to quality and safety. If you are considering purchasing this type of paper cutter, you can read this article for some information on critical safety features of the guillotine paper cutter.

Blade Guard

The blade guard is, by far, the most important safety feature available on guillotine cutters. Surprisingly, many people remove the safety guard when they use the cutter. While the guard may be a little obtrusive, working without fingers is far more troublesome. Sometimes the blade guard is a metal bar positioned close to blade, but superior blade guards are made of plastic and will prevent users from getting their fingers near the blade on either side of the paper cutter.

Blade Latch

The blade latch locks the blade down when you are not using the cutter. It is usually a small wire that simply hooks over the handle. Sometimes it's a piece of metal connected to the bottom of the handle. The purpose of the blade latch is to keep the blade down so that no one accidentally or impulsively grabs, strokes, or touches the blade. Obviously any of these could result in a serious and potentially life-altering injury that could have been prevented by simply exercising some caution and common sense.

Tension Spring

All guillotine paper cutters should be equipped with tension springs. The tension spring is attached to the back of the blade and is engineered to prevent the blade from rushing down when the handle is released. Guillotine cutters without this spring live up to their name, guillotine, and are very, very dangerous. You should never operate a paper cutter that has no tension spring. It is literally an accident waiting to happen. No paper cutting task is worth losing a digit over. If your cutter has no tension spring, put the cutter in a safe and secure location until the tension spring can be replaced.

The biggest single factor in guillotine paper cutter safety is the user. There is simply no substitute for good common sense. Do not use a paper cutter when you are distracted or when you cannot give your full attention to the task at hand. Even paper cutters with safety features can still cause accidents. The paper cutter is a great tool because of its powerful blade and ability to easily cut through piles of paper. For the very same reasons it is a good tool, it is a dangerous one. Always exercise caution when using a paper cutter and do not use one that isn't equipped with safety features.

About the Author

Jeff McRitchie is the director of marketing for MyBinding.com. He writes extensively on topics related to Paper Cutters, Binding Supplies,Report Covers,Binding Machines, Laminators, Laminating Pouches and more.

HVAC Details Saves Design and Drawing Effort and Time

by Andy Grimm

HVAC details are readymade drawings of HVAC components along with essential design information. They can save significant amounts of time and effort for HVAC draftspersons. Examples HVAC details that you can download from the Web include such items as:

* Pipe/Duct Penetration of Smoke/Fire Barriers
* Condensing Unit Schedule
* Designer's Notes for Details and Schedules
* Ductwork Symbols
* HVAC Design Data
* Energy Efficient Motor Schedule
* Vibration Isolation Bases
* Water Cooled Chiller Schedule
* Refrigerant Piping Detail (Air Conditioning)
* Typical Pipe Trench in Building

You can typically edit the downloaded details to make any changes needed to make them suitable for your particular design. This involves less effort and time compared to developing the details from scratch. With a sizable library of hvac details and schedules, you can complete even complex assignments quickly.

What would probably set you apart would be the consistent quality that you can achieve even when completing assignment after assignment at surprisingly quick speeds.

The Features of HVAC Details

HVAC details will obviously related to Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems. They might not be drawn to scale. The emphasis will be on providing a realistic view of the object supported by necessary design information.

The information provided by HVAC details include members used, how they are joined, what their dimensions are and what types of materials are used. Connection points and any hangers or mounting devices used would also be shown clearly. Where the drawing is not to scale, the warning 'Not to Scale' might also be included.

The lack of emphasis on drawing to scale can provide benefits in the form of greater clarity where small details (or members) are involved. Drawing to scale can obscure some aspects of the design.

Attention to HVAC Details

Let us look at details in a slightly different manner. As competition increases among suppliers of HVAC solutions, pressures mount to provide energy-efficient systems at lower costs. At first, the focus is on the major equipment that cost more.

As more and more competitors focus on these major items, the scope for out-competing them by focusing on these items diminishes. It will now be time to focus on the HVAC details, the smaller components.

If you can find energy efficient and economically designed solutions for many details, you can not only lower costs but also improve performance.

It is here that you can start with the details available in the market and try to develop better solutions. Such an approach is likely to provide better results that starting on the details design from scratch.

HVAC details can thus provide several benefits. They can save time and effort, and they can help you start thinking of better solutions. The speedier work, quality results and lower costs that are made possible as a consequence cannot but improve your financial results. You would thus be missing a great opportunity if you ignore details available from various sources, free and paid.

About the Author

Andy Grimm from CAD Ground Outsourcing Solution writes about HVAC CAD and AutoCAD Details - visit www.cadlibrary.com for further information.

HVAC Drawings - the Final Products of Your Know-How, Brainstorming and Hours of Work

by Andy Grimm

HVAC drawings explain the design of each component of an HVAC system. Thus you might have a drawing for "constant volume air terminal unit with reheat control diagram". There would be many such detail drawings that go to document the total HVAC system.

The drawings are easy to "draw" with a software tool like AutoCAD. However, the "drawing" part is only the culmination of a lot of things. It comes after you have analyzed the HVAC requirements of a building. The requirements analysis in turn needs HVAC know-how that you have acquired over several years.

The analysis is followed by considerable brainstorming and working with the design software to develop a design that would fulfill pre-determined requirements. Then follows hours of working to strike a balance between conflicting requirements, e.g., trading off performance for a lower cost, and developing specifications that would deliver acceptable performance. The HVAC drawings are based on these specifications.

Thus the HVAC drawings are only the culmination of a design process that requires a great deal of time. You would already be familiar with all these things if you were an HVAC designer.

You will be able to save several to many hours of the design time if you use readymade HVAC details obtained from a reputable source. You would typically be able to edit the details, if necessary, and incorporate them into your design.

What kinds of readymade HVAC drawings can you expect to get? It depends on the source. One particular supplier promises over 300 details, including such details as "Control of smoke damp at smoke partition with duct mounted smoke detection", "VAV air terminal unit with reheat control", "Packaged air- cooled water chiller controls" and so on.

You can create a library of HVAC drawings on your own, starting with the details purchased from sellers as mentioned above. Instead of starting from scratch every time, you can use these details to speed up your deliveries. Your customers would be more than pleased with such unexpectedly speedy deliveries.

HVAC drawings are thus the result of many hours of work, either your own or somebody else's. They are useful only if they work successfully as an integral part of a proven HVAC system. Unsupported by detailed design effort, HVAC drawings are not likely to serve any purpose.

As someone said, even God, the repository of Love, cannot love the most beautiful of drawings, of the wrong machine. If your HVAC drawings were not part of a working or workable HVAC system, it would indeed fall under this unlovable category.

About the Author

Andy Grimm from CAD Ground Outsourcing Solution writes about HVAC CAD and AutoCAD Details - visit www.cadlibrary.com for further information.

Dry Ice Blasting - Foundry Industry's Innovative Cleaning Method

by Russell Murray

Dry ice blasting (also known as CO2 blasting) in the foundry industry provides some excellent benefits. That is because some of the cleaning challenges including the cleaning of molds for metal, plastic or rubber castings can be daunting. Here are a couple of examples of cleaning challenges:

- core boxes and core machines covered with sand, binder or carbon build-up
- plastic and rubber molds and vents caked in mold release and grease and residues

Traditional methods of cleaning have included hand scraping and scrubbing, use of chemicals and sand blasting. The drawbacks of these methods include the following:

- Labor intensive - Typically, items need to be taken off-line and cleaned.
- Downtime - The extensive time required to effectively disassemble, clean molds and than reassemble, results in costly production losses.
- Mold wear - Sand blasting can etch or wear down mold surfaces.
- Grit entrapment - Sand blasting can become entrapped and become difficult to remove.
- Liability - The use of chemicals poses safety hazards.
- Cost - Chemicals are expensive. Plus, they become an additional contaminated waste disposal cost.

The Dry Ice Blasting Process

Dry ice blasting is a relatively new cleaning process using solid CO2 pellets (known as dry ice). It is primarily used for industrial use in a variety of applications. The pellets sublimate (convert directly from a solid blast pellet to a vapor (CO2) leaving no residue.

The process involves propelling dry ice particles from a blasting gun at supersonic speed to impact and clean a surface. The particles are accelerated by compressed air, similar to other blasting systems.

The micro-thermal shock (caused by the dry ice temperature of -79� C), the kinetic energy of dry ice pellets and the air pressure break the bond between the coating and the substrate. It pops off the coating from inside out and the air stream removes it from the surface.

Dry Ice Blasting: The Perfect Solution

Dry ice blasting addresses each of the major issues regarding mold cleaning and produces the following benefits:

- Benefit #1 - Reduced labor hours. The dynamics of cleaning with dry ice can dramatically reduce time requirements. The actual cleaning is faster. There is no need for disassembly/reassembly of equipment.

- Benefit #2 - Reduced downtime through cleaning in place. Any cleaning labor for scrubbing and scouring is eliminated. Also, the time required to move equipment to a staging area for cleaning is eliminated. Production gains can be extremely significant.

- Benefit #3 - Reduced equipment damage. Dry ice pellets do not chisel away contaminants as sand blasting does. Instead, CO2 pellets penetrate the contaminant, fracture into small particles when they impact the base material and instantly sublimate. The contaminants are removed in a lift and flush action. Also, CO2 cleaning can be performed regularly; thereby, virtually eliminating the problem of completely plugged vent holes.

- Benefit #4 - Elimination of grit entrapment. Since the dry ice pellets returns to a vapor upon contact, there is no cleaning material that could be entrapped in the equipment.

- Benefit #5 - Reduced liability. Chemical solvents can be eliminated removing the dangers they pose to workers. Also, dry ice poses no risk around electrical circuits.

- Benefit #6 - Reduced costs. Dry ice sublimates eliminating a secondary waste stream thus minimizing waste disposal costs. Also, the cost of solvents is eliminated.

About the Author

Russell Murray is Director of RSG Technologies, a dry ice blasting equipment provider and also offering dry ice blasting rental equipment.

10 Proven Ways to Send Targeted Traffic to Your Website

by Jason Oickle

It is truly a webmaster's dream to get quality traffic to consistantly come to their website.

You can pretty much do what you want with your visitors when you get good targeted traffic. You can test and track your conversion rate, do list building and click throughs just to name a few.

There are a variety of traffic sources you can pursue such as traffic from a search engine. It is not wise to rely solely on search engines for your traffic or from any one source for that matter. You need to diversify your tactics to create a well-rounded game plan in order to drive traffic to your site.

One thing you are going to need in order to satisfy the search engines and website visitors is content. You know the saying, "Content is king!" How will content bring traffic to your website? When your visitors see that your website is a good and relevant source of information, other people will hear about your website by "word of mouth".

The following is a list of 10 foolproof ways to drive traffic to your website using content.

1. Keyword rich articles

As you research popular keywords for your product or topic, you can place these words into the context of an article for your website. Websites need pages so the more the better.

In order to get your web pages ranked higher, you will have to utilize a number of strategies. For example, titles that are carefully written, a key-word rich body text, meta tags and many incoming links. One very important thing that is overlooked is using keywords in your headings. The name of your page or article is the most important heading on that page. This is different from the Title Tag that will show up on search engines. If you don't know what a heading is, it is the large font headline that tells you what is on a web page.

Websites that offer pages of real content will become a feeding frenzy for major search engines.

2. Newsletters

Approximately 80% of all sales take place after the initial contact. That is why having a newsletter is a 'must' for every website. The percentage of sales increases with each contact. The highest percentage is realized after 5 to 7 contacts. You have to be persistent in order to get a sale. That is why an autoresponder is a very beneficial tool to use.

You must have good content if you want to have a top notch newsletter. Begin putting ideas together and start writing those newsletters. You don't want to have a hodge-podge of ideas. Make the newsletter relevant to your website or the product or service you are offering. Watch for follow-up traffic as your customers open their emails and soon return to your website.

3. Free reports

If you offer free reports, this is a great way to attract subscribers to your newsletter. It is best to create viral reports.

These reports can also be given away by other people on related websites by having a link to your website. You provide these people something that they can give away to their customers for free and you, in turn, get a lot more traffic to your site.

4. Submission to relevant websites

Another great way to use articles is to offer them directly to sites you would like to share an audience with. You will gain much needed credibility for your topic, but this will provide useful hyperlinks all over the Internet.

5. Forums

Search for forums that are relevant to your website.

In most cases you will be able to post a link to your website in your signature, or you will be able to share information that arouses questions about your website from other posters. In some forums, you will only be allowed to post articles.

6. Link pages

You want something more than a bland list of "linking partners". You could be putting your links to better use by gaining more credibility and providing more content for search engines.

Create a separate page for every link category and then write a 200-400 word article on the corresponding subject. Offering your recommended links at the end of your article will make you a source for information rather than just a catalog of links. 7. Press releases

This should be an important marketing tool for you. If you create a press release to announce a new product, a related news event or the results of a poll, you can get free advertising in the media.

8. Article announcement lists

These are similar to article directories. Your article will be put before an audience of publishers and webmasters who may wish to use your article in their newsletters or on their websites.

9. Affiliate programs

If you have affiliates, encourage them to drive traffic to your website by giving them reports or letters to put up on their websites or place in their newsletters. Your affiliates will also need content from you in order to pass on to their customers. If you are providing free content, they will be more successful in sending their visitors or subscribers your way.

10. Blogs

If you create a blog that is related to your niche or business, this will allow you to attract visitors who may not respond to a sales page.

Provide news and content about your topic with a hyperlink to your sales pages or articles. This will indirectly send you more traffic.

You may not realize it but your content may be valuable to other bloggers who may have a rough time finding content to share with their customers. Allow others to syndicate your content through RSS feeds with a backlink to your website.

About the Author

Jason Oickle is a full time internet marketer who enjoys helping others succeed online. Visit Traffic Secrets Unleashed right now to get more great traffic secrets.

Why Should I Even Consider A Home Based Business Opportunity?

by Dipo Lashore

I want to assume you've probably been in, introduced to, or contacted at one time or the other by network marketers, to a Home Based Business Opportunity, Network Marketing/Direct Sales, MLM or just about any Business Opportunity out there. You've also probably wondered what the fuss is about this Home Based Business or the Network Marketing/Direct Sales business. You've most likely even asked yourself, "Why should I be involved in a Network Marketing or Home Based Business Opportunity?" or "What Am I going to gain from being in a Home Based Business? This is what prompted me to write this article; Why You Absolutely Deserve To Be in a Network Marketing/Home Based Business Opportunity.

Well, let's make some references to the big guns, the Well-Connected and the Influentials in the society. We are talking about people like Warren Buffett, known as the Oracle of Omaha, the #1 Investor, the founder and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, who has bought more than about half a dozen network marketing companies. Of course, we cannot forget to mention New York Times Bestsellers - #1 Business Author and Billionaire, Donald J. Trump and #1 Personal Finance Author and Millionaire, Robert T. Kiyosaki - who co-wrote the great book that is helping to impact many lives, Why We Want You To Be Rich and recommended Network Marketing as one of the great vessels to help the society in moving from the left side of the quadrant; from being in the "Employed" or "Self-Employed" quadrants to being a "Business Owner" quadrant where you begin to actually direct the affairs of money in your life.

Now, let's really discuss: Why a Home Based Business Opportunity or Network Marketing, MLM or a Direct Sales Business? It's simply because it is the way by which many big companies now are reaching out to the masses instead of the traditional distribution model. What do I mean by that? Think about the way particular products are usually distributed... There are many processes that are involved; there's usually manufacturing by the producer, then the products are loaded on the truck and further transported to the stores out there where the products get to be sold. Now consider all the energy, time, efforts and resources that have gone out in just finally presenting these products to the consumers. That is why these Network Marketing, Direct Sales, MLM and Home Based Business Opportunities have stepped in... to be able to take care of all the hassles that have gone on through the traditional distribution system. This is to say that a Home Based Business Opportunity, Network Marketing, Direct Sales or MLM are the medium by which these big companies reduce time, money and efforts in order for the products to get to the consumer.

In a very short and clear statement, the Distribution Model with Nework Marketing/Direct Sales companies are clean and very efficient. They are simply a unique and efficient model that properly allows the money that would have otherwise gone to the payment of the labor cost involved in the loading of the products on the truck, the transportation and shipping costs, the construction costs of many storefronts all over the country or the world and then of course, not forgetting the costs involved in promotion and the advertising that would have gone into place by the producer of this product.

My question to you is this: Do you understand that those people who actually achieve true financial freedom are those who are involved in what we call the "Profit System" rather than the "Wage System". To quote America's Foremost Business Philosopher, Jim Rohn, in one of his classics, The Challenge To Succeed, "Profits Are Better Than Wages. Wages Make You A Living But Profits Make You A Fortune". In very few words, for you to just make a living, you will be better-off living in the Wage System, i.e living from paycheck to paycheck but if you actually want to live and amass great fortune, it is time to move, have a shift of mentality and position yourself into the Profit System because that is the only place where you're going to achieve true Financial Freedom. And this is precisely why the Network Marketing System, the Home Based Business Opportunity, MLM or Direct Sales Business exist; this is the opportunity to grant the average Joe, who is willing to work hard, to amass great fortune for both himself and his family.

About the Author

Dipo Lashore is a successful Network Marketing Consultant, Trainer, Coach and Mentor committed to creating Success and Wealth in others, one person at a time through the Network Marketing/Direct Sales Industry. To learn more about Network Marketing/Direct Sales or the Home Based Business, visit Dipo Lashore at http://wealthcreation.blogini.com/

Create Multiple Streams Of Income To Flood Your Wallet

by Kelly Walker

One of the most used catch phrases for online income is income stream. The term refers to any income that is derived by any individual or company via the internet. In a traditional job the employee usually works away doing the same thing week in week out for the same pay. A person working online may have as many as 100 different income streams flowing into their bank account. Singularly, the majority of these streams may not be enough to pay the bills, but when combined they can add up to a very comfortable living.

Affiliate marketing is the technique that is used to generate income for many online companies and often a single affiliate will have ads for up to a dozen companies on their website. Each time one of these companies makes a sale to a customer referred by the site, the site owner receives a sales commission. If the site owner has a dozen companies on the website then he can generate twelve streams of income. Once the site becomes popular it also becomes attractive to advertisers and an extra income stream can be added in the form of advertising revenue.

One drawback with affiliate marketing is that the income is rarely consistent. There are many varied products and services available for affiliate marketers to promote and if the chosen products do not match the wants of the website visitor no sale will be made. It is therefore imperative that website owners choose to promote products that not only are popular but also pay the best commissions.

Customer response can also be affected by the types of ads that are used. Advertisements need to be tailored to suit the demographics of the target customer in order to produce an effective income stream. Some customers may respond well to bright, colorful flashy advertisements whilst others may prefer simple text based ads.

When first starting out, the new business owner can often find that budgeting several streams of income can be a nightmare. After spending year�s safe in the knowledge of when there next pay will arrive and how much it will be, some people have trouble organizing several different streams of income that all arrive at different times of the week or month.

Even when their online income level is the same or even higher than what they were receiving in their previous job, the pay does not come in a lump sum on Friday. It will often be split into numerous payments of unequal amounts that arrive on different days of the week. It is therefore important that the correct planning is conducted in order to ensure that each flow from the income stream will not run dry before the next one flows by.

It is of paramount importance that you do not limit yourself to only one or two income streams to meet the financial needs of your business

From time to time various streams will dry up, there are numerous reasons for this that can range from problems with the product, the target demographic or the advertising. The important thing to remember is that if you only have a couple of streams feeding your business and one starts to dry up, the flow may start to reverse and begin to draw money out of your wallet instead of putting money in it.

Having as many streams of income as you can accurately manage will help to ensure that if a couple get dammed up along the way they will not be enough to stop the flood.

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Kelly Walker is a successful internet marketer and the owner of http://reklaws.com. Kelly writes on a variety of topics on internet marketing. To learn more about this topic Kelly recommends you subscribe to her free newsletter at: http://www.reklaws.com.

Relationship Marketing for a Home Based Business

by Darrell Lischka

In today's fast paced society, there seems to be an ever increasing quest and thirst for getting access to information at the speed of light. Oh sure the internet has revolutionized that process and I for one am very happy to have this sort of access. I use the internet on a daily basis to build my residual income and create a solid home based business. However, it seems while we are in such a rush to develop the next greatest technology to utilize, we have moved away from one key area that is still entrenched in most people. People don't like to be sold. Rather people buy who we are before they buy what we have to offer. It's called relationship marketing and it's so old, that it's new again.

Let me explain what I mean by relationship marketing by the following example. In mlm we hear about the success stories of some people coming into a company and within 6 months they are making a substantial residual income in a home based business. It got me thinking when I was talking to my good friend and coach Cameron Howard about those instant success stories that we periodically hear about. You need to understand that the main reason someone is so successful right away is because of relationship marketing. Those individuals over many years usually have established credibility and respect with hundreds or sometimes thousands of people. So when they decide to move to another company, they have instant credibility and are able to develop a residual income in a home based business. Success leaves clues and you need to really understand this important distinction because this is the only and ethical way to truly build an on line internet business and create a solid residual income for many years.

Gone are the days when you could put some cheap ad or internet site together and all of a sudden your phone is ringing off the hook with orders. I'm not sure that ever really happened. My point is that if you approach your business with a get rich quick attitude, you will not last. It just doesn't work that way and it is certainly not a way I would ever coach anyone. Maybe when the internet was first introduced to the masses, people were intrigued by the kinds of information one could have at their fingertips. However, as the internet matures, so too are people getting more educated and sophisticated. People want and crave information on everything today, including how to create a residual income and build a successful home based business. This is not rocket science and much of it when you break it down is very straight forward and just requires some time to invest in understanding how things work.

I believe part of the problem with many network marketers, they hit you between the eyes with their product/opportunity within minutes, and sometimes seconds, of first contact. This proves they are not thinking about you, but about their needs. Part of the problem is they don't have a coach to guide them through the process. No respect and they certainly do not understand about relationship marketing and how it can build a residual income and solidify their home based business.

People become our customers and partners because they respect us. It really is that simple and it's the way the internet is evolving to conduct business online. Respect takes time to build, time being the key word. Our own children know we love them by the time we spend with them not by our words. The time we give others proves our respect.

Becoming successful in network marketing is simply about creating a circle of influence or relationships of people that respect you. Over a period of time, you can develop a very stable passive residual income and have a solid home based business. I could not recall or attempt too how many times my good friend and coach would say that we invest time in people. We must invest time into that before a residual income is realized. Impatiently going through huge numbers of people to find the small percentage that are ready right now can be a very demanding and stressful job. By believing in what we are doing, knowing that if we plant enough seeds of respect we will reap a wonderful harvest one day, we build a solid circle of influence and that is our greatest asset in network marketing or any business.

Stay focused, build relationships with people, share relevant information with people and over time, you too can have a residual income and a comfortable home based business.

Darrell Lischka



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I've been in the home based profession for the past 10 years. Picked up some information along the way to share with anyone that wants to learn.

Wholesale Video Games Business - Industry News

by Joaquin Reveron

If you are looking for a wholesale video games or an eBay business experience, you are not alone. There are literally thousands of re-sellers in the search of wholesale games for immediate 10-20 percent profit for immediate re-sell on auction sites. A modest profit could be 10 to twenty percent at auction sites depending who is your buying source.

Now, there is a massive confusion of the realities for re-selling in order to get consistent profits and for providing a top notch drop shipping service to your clients.

Question being, can you really profit from video games dropshipping on the Internet? Reality answer being, why would you want to dropship a twenty dollar or forty dollar game or accessories when there would be shipping and low processing fees by the dropshipping source to take care of? It does not make sense profit wise. It is not viable for investing your time in it and it is definitely not worth your time. What kind of profits can you expect out of the sell of ps3 consoles when buying them in bulk from a distributor?

This is a more profitable and tangible item that has more sense. There are still many countries that cannot receive such consoles yet because of trading agreements between countries that companies such as Sony, have not yet establish distribution agreements. Adding to it in better terms, many buyers are no longer interested in the shopping mall reservation race. They want things the easy and in the simplest form, that is where you come in!

What kind of profit can you expect? Compare your suppliers price to the Amazon store offering and you should be able to reason if it is viable to sell playstation 3 at any auction. Even if the PS3 is currently selling at record lows for four hundred dollars, it is still sellable and profitable on eBay. Proof can easily be found for less than 5 minutes in an eBay. I mean, there is just a wide range of people that cannot buy the PS3 yet, easily and with comfort.

You should be able to spot 80gb PS3 selling at $494.00 and even more with shipping and handling being in the high $60.00 range, when shipping could easily be free with UPS. There is surely a reason for that, right? Moving on.

Reality for many of us, you can make money out of the sell of video games, period. In fact, you can make a decent living out of the sell of wholesale merchandise, it will all come to the vital point of your market positioning as there are currently to many options from point of sell. A good one to think about, what kind of experts am I getting my questions answered and what actions am I taking to fulfill customer demands?

Another one, what type of an industry are we looking at in the wholesale video games and general games industry? Well, according to the NPD group 2007 sales reached $18.85 billion in sales last year. That is yet another record year for such an ever growing industry.

That is a 28% increase in sales from 2006! Software consoles sold 153.9 million alone that adds to a handsome $6.6 billion in sales. While it is an option to enjoy selling tangible items on eBay, with an Internet mall or just out of the sell of your local flea market, the video games industry should keep growing every single year in records.

All the industry sales record where later on released by the Entertainment Software Association, the ESA. Research is available all over the net with such name. The facts are all over. Another two important points I want to remember.

What kind of traffic are you getting to your auction sites and online store? Are they targeted customer with specific wants or are you getting just getting compulsive buyers looking for price savings? eBay is just one of the great places to drive targeted potential buyers of your games.

There are many more. You should keep doing your diligence on the wholesale video games business before starting any kind of investment or action. Trust nobody and if you do want to trust a certain source, get enough facts about him or her before you buy!

About the Author

Wholesale Video Games online are one of the business components Joaquin serves as reference source, e-commerce coach and certified author. His focus today is assisting people receive extra income through the acquirement of a Wholesale Business

Where To Get A Video Games Distributor: Client Feedback

by Joaquin Reveron

There are thousands of places to scan the validity of a video games distributor, but the majority if not 100% of every single authority site - leaves you with a feeling of skepticism for buying wholesale video games. Sites with broken links leaving you nowhere. Sites with bad design representation that all of them combined will leave you thinking that a fast food burger will suit you instead of having any kind of business with such found distributor.

Reality being, there are numerous amounts of directories that provide and share good distributors. Not all of them are a waste of time since these directories are the kind of portal contact sites that most of us as sellers group the addresses, all the immediate contact information and discard the ones that are not worthy of our time. It is common sense. Many of us also get lucky enough to see the validity in them, immediately contact them for business and order a sample from the games distributor or general source and probably such distributor becoming a smashing hit for your business. Rare cases!

There are only a handful of directories that I will personally recommend to any of my readers and current customers. Those are, Wholesale Central, Wholesale DIR and now growing bigger than ever - Wholesale Hub. You can type these names in the search engines in chronological order and there are big possibilities that spending an 1 hour on such specific distributors and researching them, will be as prudent as getting a cup of tea in every beautiful morning.

Wholesale Central is one of the good ones for electronic distributors. Video games can also be found as of today with different sources across the globe in different countries and continents. Like in all directories, these are distributors that pay for being in certain positions.

In my personal opinion, it is like me going to Google Adwords, becoming a distributor of knives, marketing myself in 2 sentences like no other e-commerce site and getting clicks and visitors for staying on top for a permanent fee or yearly recurrent fee. Believe me, business directories are a treasure of continued business, however, is the items that you are finding there what you want to sell?

I personally have memberships in all three wholesale directories. They are fantastic and I recommend them to anyone with enough time to research and for testing purposes.

The interesting situation is when you are a newlywed, selling below retail thanks to a new founded supplier and you add yourself by paying a fee for posing as an authority. I mean, can you found them anywhere online on Google, Yahoo and MSN and confirm that they are video games distributors, electronic distributors or the new liquidation clearance center of your block? It does not work this way anymore.

Fact for anyone who purchases at wholesale in order to profit out of re-sell or drop-shipping high priced merchandise, profitable distributors cannot be easily found or located on the Internet. Most of them can only be found by reference, email and telephone contact information.

For some reason, the good ones stayed in the traditional marketing style of phone, fax and now email. Websites for most of them are out of the equation. If you want to save and profit from video games distributors or general wholesale electronics, take yourself some time to research the owner of the opportunity and continue with the diligence with your new business source for the good!

About the Author

A Video Games Distributor is one of the business components Joaquin serves as reference source, e-commerce coach and certified author. His focus today is assisting people receive extra income through the selling of Wholesale Video Games

I Made $11.500 in to weeks

by www.internetmilliondollars.com

Few weeks ago I discovered Internet Million Dollars website. I read it carefully, but I did not believe. Few days later my friend called me and told me he heard about this book on TV! There was Nikki Tyler -- multi-billionaire speaking about this great book. So I quickly opened Internet Million Dollar website again and downloaded ebook. When I read it I was AMAZED!!! I started to follow step-by-step instruction and IT WORKS!! IT REALLY WORKS!!


I made $11,284 in TWO WEEKS!! It is really incredible :) I am writing here 'cuase I am so happy that I must let everybody know!


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I Made $ 11.500 in two Weeks ! It is really incredible: I am writing here because I am so happy that I must let everybody know