Rabu, 06 Februari 2008

Understanding the Power of PR

by Anthony Mora

Understand that although promoting yourself may seem a bit uncomfortable, it's not only warranted, it's necessary. Steven Spielberg, Oprah, Bill Gates - all of these people excel in their fields, but why is it you know them by name? It's not the ads or commercials, or direct mail pieces that validate these people; it's the TV interviews, the magazine articles, the constant media coverage. Even Mother Theresa's publisher publicized her book.

Understand the importance of promoting yourself. If you believe what you do is important, then it is of equal importance to let others know about it, otherwise you're not serving your business, yourself, or the public. What good is it to offer a quality product, if no one is ever going to know it exists? What good is all of your hard work, if it's kept a secret? You may be an expert at what you do, but if it is not in some way brought to the attention of others, your career or business will assuredly fail.

Start thinking like a savvy business person, and a proud one at that. Effective public relations is an integral and extremely necessary part of any kind of business overview. People don't shy away when they hear that they need a business plan, an office, a phone, or business stationery, yet they often cringe at the thought of PR. Effective media relations should be as integral a part of your business as paying your bills, or buying your materials.

If you have trouble promoting yourself, keep in mind that your job is to get your message across. Your message is what you are working to promote. This isn't a beauty contest, but a campaign designed to educate and bring your message to the general public. You want to reach the largest audience possible, and the media is the most effective and expedient way to do it.

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About the Author

Anthony Mora began his media career as a freelance journalist for such publications as Us, Rolling Stone and other local and national publications. He served as editor-in-chief of two Los Angeles-based entertainment and lifestyle-oriented publications, and co-founded Phillips & Mora Entertainment, a public relations and personal management company, which ventured into video and film production.

In 1990, Anthony formed Anthony Mora Communications

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