Jumat, 15 Februari 2008

Real Money Making Fact in FOREX

by j3fk4

When you open your FOREX browser, you will soon know that you will have exactly two choices: Open a position NOW or open a position LATER.

Open a position NOW choice will again create three possibilities for you: PLUS, MINUS, and UNDETERMINED. Of course each of these three possibilities will yield another two possibilities, which is either you hold the position or close the position.

Open a position LATER choice will mostly yield two possibilities: Look around for more clues and open a position NOW. There could be the third possibilities which usually insignificant and related closely to the looking around for more clues jobs.

Now, there will be a lot of person and so called super FOREX expert will tell you that opening a position LATER is always the best choice. But too bad while it is not 100% wrong, it is not even 51% true.

Opening a position NOW or LATER will always give you 20% chance that you will make money during your FOREX browsing time; 20% chance that you will loose money during your FOREX browsing time; 10% chance that you will hold a position with no clear result until you stop your FOREX browsing time; 25% chance that you do nothing; the rest of 25% will consists of everything else that is actually has the close meaning of "looking around for more more more clues", such as asking around whether or not you open a position today, etc.

Still do not get it? Okay, let's try to be simpler: Whatever you are, before you read about this article, there is actually 60% chance that you do not make money at all when you open your FOREX browser. If we are going to include the chance that you will loose your money, there is actually 80% chance that you would rather not looking at your FOREX browser at all than loosing your money or making no money at all!

Now the question stays: What should you do then? Of course we would not tell you to just quit FOREX. In fact, most (90%+) business owners face the same trouble like you, when they open their business the chance to loose money is always bigger than the chance to make money; that's why a lot of people in the world choose to work with someone rather than making their own business.

While the basically the chance of to loose money in other business and FOREX are basically the same, the way to reduce it is actually pretty different! Make sure you keep your eyes on http://4xu.net for all of the unique (yet controversial) answers to solve this problem!

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