Selasa, 26 Februari 2008

Making money on eBay? It’s a no-brainer

by Andrew Maule

If you’re reading this right now it’s probably safe to say you’re not making tens of thousands of dollars on eBay, or maybe any money at all. That’s alright. A whole lot of people aren’t. But then again, a whole lot of people are. The internet has set forth an unprecedented amount of entrepreneurship and ambition that existed previously, only bottled up and unused. Thanks to the expansionism of the web and the ability of almost anyone to start a business, it truly is a great time to be alive and in business. eBay is perhaps one of the most remarkable successes of the internet. An online auction place where you can sell almost anything you want. People sell everything from ceramic figurines up to billion dollar paintings, seriously. Try to imagine this kind of transaction and interaction between people 20 years ago and you’ll quickly realize how revolutionary it is. Maybe you’ve taken for granted the fact that you can now get on your home computer and bid on a used MP3 player and possibly get a fantastic deal, all from the comfort of your home. Who would have ever imagined? If that’s difficult to believe, let’s imagine for a second the idea of people making a living on the internet and some people becoming millionaires or even billionaires. The idea would have been incomprehensible. But now here we are in 2008 and people are making their livings on eBay and some of them are even millionaires thanks to it. eBay has provided a great venue for people to sell their goods and services, and sellers are more than happy to take advantage of this opportunity. Some people are literally selling thousands of items per week, you’ve probably seen them on eBay selling something you’ve considered purchasing. They’re called Power Sellers. And you can be one too. Power Sellers are successful eBay sellers with eBay “stores”, or non-auction or auction based store fronts to sell their products through. These people buy bulk goods at wholesale costs and resell them at either close to or manufactures suggested retail price, making a killing. Don’t believe me? My sister-in-law is a Power Seller who sells laptop cases. One bulk wholesale order of premium, quality laptop cases costs her $150 plus shipping and handling. That bulk order consists of 45 cases, which she then goes on to sell for $30 each. Let’s do the math.

45 laptop cases times $30 equals…?

That’s right, $1,350.

That is a $1,200 profit! eBay Power Selling is not only a profitable form of business on the internet, it’s highly addictive and easy. That is why these sellers are ranking up thousands of sales. This is what I’m talking about when I tell you, and the countless people I speak to on a day-to-day basis, that they can be making tons of cash on eBay alone. It’s such a great time to be doing business in this day and age, it truly is. We have opportunities like never before and people are becoming rich like never imagined. I highly encourage you to get started working on some form of internet business be it either a t-shirt shop you start yourself or an extremely successful Power Seller wholesaling operation on eBay. Don’t let anything stop you! And remember that giving up is never an option. Life is a road with many road bumps, and it’s always ironically those same speed bumps that make it all worth the ride. I wish the best of luck to you!

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