Rabu, 06 Februari 2008

Make "Love" Your Business

by Johnny Cyreous

"Love worketh no ill to his neighbour; therefore love is the fulfilling of the law." - Bible, Romans 13:10

Seldom are such words found is today's businesses, or in business training nodules for the contemporary business man and woman. Yet one should ask, why not? Ignore for a moment if you can that the words come form the bible. Take them as they stand alone. Reading again, love works no ill towards one's neighbor. If we were taught to show no ill towards our fellow worker, wouldn't that create sounder businesses? Surely if this were taught in a customer service class, we would turn out better CSR's, and increase customer satisfaction wouldn't we? If this were taught in management training courses, we would have fewer problems between managers and employees, between fellow workers, and it would increase an appreciation for human resources within an organization would it not?

Love is the underscoring theme is so many beloved and treasured American stories such as "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens for example. True it was a story mostly about Christmas and played a critical role in redefining the importance of Christmas during the time of its publishing in 1843. Sentiment for the holiday rose and contributed to the welfare of men, especially those marketeers who stood to gain from Christmas related sales from that time on till even now. But it was more than the Christmas story that appeals to us as human brothers and sisters. It is the story of the need for good will towards all, as summed up in the spirit of young tim's memorable line in the movie.

We feel the same way when we see a movie like "It's A Wonderful Life". Who can't feel our hearts surge with love when at the end of the story George Bailey in his darkest hour when he has just about lost everything he had comes to the realization, through the outpouring of gifts from the towns people, that he really did make a difference in many people's lives and that his life was worth something. The Frank Capra movie ends with George Bailey finding the book that his guardian angel Clarence wrote into with the last line reading, "Remember, no man is a failure who has friends. Thanks for the wings!"

These two stories are about Love, the kind of love that if we practiced it towards our fellow men and women, we would break down the barriers that cause financial and business ruins. We would then be free to work without fear that our jobs would be taken away through competition. If we were to practice such love think what would disappear. No longer would there be greed, or jealousies. No longer would there be a need for cut-throat competition. No longer would there be a need for firewall protection, and security guards, and think about all the money we would save if we could learn to love one another in a competitive free environment. Business could do away with encryption codes, passwords, and proprietary software. We would no longer need to keep our money in banks and we would no longer need to lock our doors. Imagine what work would be like in an environment full of love. Some would say, "That's not my responsibility. Let management start showing me this kind of love first." They should, after all they are our leaders right? Bit it is up to us to bring this kind of love into the business, whatever business we find ourselves in. It is our responsibility to show love. I remember a scene from that ghost filled movie I referred to already, where Jacob Marley visits Scrooge on Christmas Eve. He comes shackled in chains and carrying heavy weights about him. Scrooge doesn't understand and laments "But you were a good business man Marley." Marley returns with a frightening retort, "Mankind should have been my business!" We all can relate to that story, can't we? For mankind should be our business. Our business should be love.

We are far from this reality, true. But if we all begin in small ways to show no ill towards our neighbors, if we were to show more love in business, we could begin to empower the masses towards the ultimate wonder of the world and that is to live free in work with love. You can see why the writer of this quote finishes by saying love is the fulfilling of the law. What else is needed? If we were to show love to all, there would ultimately be no need of laws.

As you encounter the world today - show love to all. Do not concern yourself that others will not do it. Do it yourself. It must begin with you! It is my hope that you shall do so. By doing so you shall experience personal empowerment in a way only you can realize. You can make a difference.

About the Author

John Cyr is a retired workforce development trainer and motivational consultant who writes articles and editorials under the pen-name Johnny Cyreous, or Cyreous. He maintains a website of quotes by famous people and advocates his method of teaching at www.cyreousquotes.com

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