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Learn Forex Trading From A Mentor

by Mark Rayner

With Forex trading being such a lucrative business, more and more people want to get into it and require training in order to become skilled enough to trade. There are two main methods to learn Forex trading, traditional book learning and live training. Each has its good and bad points.

It's not impossible to learn Forex from books; it's just more difficult to translate that knowledge into the real world of trading. When you trade in a live market it's a very different dynamic.

The popular method to learn Forex trading is to buy an e-book, course or go to a seminar. All of these options will require you to learn to trade in a theoretical way. What I mean by this is, you will learn techniques, theories and tricks that do work but are still only theory until they are applied in the real market.

Learning from a book can be confusing if you have a tough time processing so much information all at once. Without being able to apply the techniques and strategies that you've read about, it is difficult to know which ones work best and whether or not they are still relevant, as books can take years to write and publish, and the Forex market is constantly changing and updating.

After you have all the theory under your belt, there is no better option than learning from a live trader. A mentor will be able to show you how to read the market, what effect news will have, what times to avoid, and many other hidden factors that are almost impossible to list in one publication. This is a process of learning Forex through osmosis

Trading in a live market, gives you the advantage of real world situations. But trading a live market alone, will probably leave you pretty stressed out. By using the services of a live mentor, you can avoid much of that stress, and more importantly avoid making costly mistakes.

This is simply a better way to learn Forex. You can trade in a safe way, knowing that help and advice is at hand whenever you need it.

Which method you choose to learn Forex will depend greatly on your learning style and preferences. If you find that books are an excellent way for you to learn, then go with a more traditional course. However, if you are one of many who find it hard to translate what they read into real life, the live trading method may be better for you.

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