Jumat, 15 Februari 2008

"I Want You" - To Work From Home

by Zachary Thompson

Are you looking for real freedom? Do you want more time for your family and hobbies?

Why would a Waiora Distributorship have anything to do with your financial freedom and your dreams?

Waiora Inc., a 3 year old nutritional company, is widely known for its product, Natural Cellular Defense also known as Liquid Zeolite. Waiora Zeolite is a natural mineral used by the body to get rid of heavy metals & toxins. Waiora's Natural Zeolite is liquid, for best absorption. The Waiora Zeolite, acting like a honeycomb, collects the toxins & heavy metals. Just like a queen bee closes off each section after laying an egg, so the heavy metals & toxins are kept safely in the "honeycomb" until they pass through the body. Waiora Zeolite works best when you drink spring water to wash the toxins and heavy metals out.

Everyday, your body is polluted with toxins. Your body's job is to flush them quickly. When you take Waiora Zeolite on a daily basis, it will help your body deal with these toxins. Today, many people understand the gravity of this question: "If you wait to cleanse your body until it is malfunctioning with an overload of toxins and heavy metals, how long do you think you'll have a body?"

People today, especially baby boomers, are greatly concerned for their health. They are suddenly realizing they don't have all the answers to longevity and good health. As a result, they are earnestly looking for an answer to better health and wellness.

When you become a Waiora Distributor, you will join a team of other representatives. These Waiora team members will train you, encourage you and empower you on to success. When you become an independent Waiora Distributor, you can work when it suits your schedule. A Waiora Distributorship allows you to be flexible while earning your income.

Plus, when you vacation, your business doesn't need to close; those with Waiora Distributorships find their business continues to grow while they vacation!

Around the world, many people are searching for Waiora Zeolite, especially Baby Boomers. The wellness industry market is booming; as an Independent Waiora Rep, you can take advantage of this opportunity. An Independent Rep can market Waiora Zeolite, a wellness supplement, to eager customers.

Waiora Zeolite is a consumable product; customers will come back for your products! Customers continue enjoying the benefits of Waiora Zeolite because it is safe and all natural. A high-demand product and great commissions; what else do you need?

Why a Waiora Distributorship instead of a job?

A Waiora Distributorships allows you to market your products to customers while making a commission. A Waiora Distributorships also allows you to recruit others who want a Distributorship-- all while making a profit!

Because Baby Boomers are especially concerned for their health, they are looking for wellness answers for their health. So, Waiora distributors market to those who really want answers--you don't have to "sell" anybody your products!

When you become an Independent Rep for Waiora, you'll want to join an extraordinary team to train, encourage and challenge you on to success. A great trainer turns a trainee into a successful business owner! Want to be the trainee?

About the Author

Dale Hammerschmidt is well-respected network marketer that lives in North Dakota with his wife and their 2 sons. To learn more about Dale's Waiora business let helps him stay home with his family visit: Waiora.

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