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How to Achieve Something

by Ralston Heath

So you now want to know what it takes to achieve something. First let us find out WHY we want to achieve it. Ask your self this: What motivates us to do something?

Now here is the answer to that great question: When we try to achieve something, more often than not, there is something in it for us. There is in short, a reason that we do things and most of the time it is either to ease discomfort, or to satisfy a need. For example; you have a leaky ceiling over your bed. You want to stop the drops of water that cause you discomfort when you’re trying to sleep. You can achieve fixing it if you possess the motivation to do so, know how to do it, and have the right tools to do it with. It’ll never get fixed properly if you lack any of these three things.

Why did we choose to learn it and what tool do we need to use to achieve this? We want to cause discomfort to cease, if you could achieve fixing this problem, you’ll be able to sleep better whenever it rains. The discomfort was what provoked you to take action, and you now need to know what is involved in fixing roofs, so you ask friends, check out a book from the library, and learn what to do. Then you accumulate the tools and materials, and fix the roof. Soon enough the fruit of your labor becomes apparent when the next rain storm arrives and you can sleep undisturbed.

Now this shows that most of us, in order to achieve something, sometimes we need to be provoked into action. We are great procrastinators and whatever we can put off until tomorrow, we will. There is a consequence and we find ourselves becoming upset that we didn’t tend to a problem earlier when we had a chance. Opportunity knocked, we missed it, now we’re in a little trouble or we’re in a situation which is uncomfortable. In other words most of the time we do not have motivation to do things unless the situation becomes uncomfortable. We only react to pain, so to keep us moving the universe also known as God will continue to provide pain so that we can progress.

Then there are other times when we want to fix something, we are motivated to do so, have the right tools, but cannot do it ourselves. A board might be too heavy to hold into place or we don’t have the strength to move some heavy object. Seeking help is always appropriate, as long as it is assistance, not an excuse to procrastinate.

Are you beginning to see where all of this ties in with what it takes to achieve your goals? You have your wants, needs, and dreams. Which of these do you wish to work toward? You now understand that nothing is achievable without motivation, knowing anything about your goal, and having the proper tools. You also know that sometimes you need help and amazingly enough it is there whenever you need it. When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

The BIG secret to being a happy person is to learn to motivate your self without pain. If you can somehow figure out how to start doing things before discomfort causes you to have to, you will be a most happy and successful person. The answer to this mystery is simple, set and achieve goals.

So now you have a good reason to get started, but how do you set goals? Every organized business sets goals. Some do it daily, weekly, monthly, and some do it only once every quarter. Setting goals is important because this becomes motivation for any company and its people to produce greater profitability. Goals can consist of achievable dollar figures, higher service standards, production quantity, advertising, and other production related figures to which a company would like to see an increase. Regardless of what these goals are, they all amount to an ideal goal of one thing: Growth.

So it’s time to become active with your goals. Here is a TOOL that will help you achieve your goals. WRITE THEM DOWN ON PAPER! Make them realistic and not too far out of reach. Each goal should be created to help you achieve something. For example, to say “I will be a better person” is too abstract and may involve too many details. Instead say “I will be nice to my co-workers” this gives you a target to actually accomplish.

Create a Goal: The act of writing it down on paper causes something in the universe to stir, and soon the universe will be on your side conspiring to help you in all that you desire to accomplish. Whatever you may do or not do, write your goals on paper, it is the one most vital step in the whole process.

Now that you’ve set your new goals, you’ll need to follow up with them. Post the goal in a visible place where you can see it everyday. A bulletin board over your computer work station, the fridge, the bathroom mirror, someplace you look every day would be ideal. If you are highly motivated, you will not procrastinate and you’ll work toward achieving your goals as soon as you can. Do not wait to have a few free hours during a day off from work or when nothing good is on TV. Do something towards your goal every day, even if it is just to read and re-read it. Work at your goal until you’ve achieved the desired results, then set another goal.

If you only ask God for help when times are tough, you are going to have a lot of tough times, because God likes to talk with you.

Be Blessed

The Guide to Setting Goals

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