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Find Out What Are The Best Ways To Make Money Online

by Brian Cliette

If you look at the overall picture, there are only three ways to make money online, (i) creating your own products or services, (ii) trading products or services for profit, and (iii) promote the product or service of other people. As you can see, everything revolves around the actual sale of a product or service. Let us look briefly at every opportunity. Depending upon your capacity and inclination, you could then choose which method is the best way to make money online for you.

(i) Creating your own product or services â€" this is ground zero of any business, online or offline. Unless you have something specific in hand how would you create wealth? The creation of such a product would depend upon your dexterity â€" this could be physical dexterity, i.e. ability to make things (painting, clothes, terracotta things, jewelry, etc), or intellectual dexterity â€" this could be expertise guides, legal advice, medical advice, etc. Once you have a product or service in hand, you have the means to make money online â€" as there will always be someone, somewhere who would need what you have to offer.

(ii) Trading products or services â€" let us say, that you cannot create anything that you could use as a product or service. In that case, you would need to learn to trade for profit. This means you should find ways of purchasing products and/or services at cheapest possible rates and then re-sale it for profit. For products, you could search for wholesalers, auctions, bulk sales for the cheapest possible rate per piece; for services, you would look for ways to improve the delivery system and hence create a wedge in between demand and supply, which earn you an income. For example, there are many people who need content articles and there is any who want to write for payment. You could become a forum who seeks qualitative writers and supplies articles to such websites. The difference between what you pay your writers and the actual price you charge for the article would determine your profit.

(iii) Promote the sale of other people’s product or service â€" the last option is to promote the product of another person. This is one of the best ways to make money online â€" because it is easy, involves very little of your time and attention (since most of the affiliate programs today run on auto-pilot programs), and the margins (and your income) can be quite substantial. All you need to do here is to assure that the product/service is sold. This could be done only if people know about it in the first place; hence, you should be able to promote it through pop-up ads, PPC campaigns, organic ranking of the website, etc. The more you would sell the better and higher would be your commissions. You would be able to earn not only through direct approach, but also through other people (like yourself) who would join the thread after you. The sales of these people would bring you a permanent residue income, multiplying your earning manifold.

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