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Financial Plans Throughout Life

by James Brown

Many people make plans to do things throughout life but never take action. Financial planners hate to see this happen because it is the worst form of procrastination that could have disastrous results to someone's financial future. By making financial plans throughout life, a person will be able to enjoy more things and feel more confident about their financial future as the day of retirement slowly approaches.

Those who have procrastinated in the past will probably need to improve their financial status by clearing out all debts that have occurred over many years. The debts and the late charges accrued over time have probably taken a toll on the person's ability to place cash in a savings account or participate in a retirement plan where they work. Every debt that is paid in full will be one solid step forward to securing a solid and secure financial plan for a bright new future.

The cost for obtaining a good health care plan at work or through private insurance sources will be included in the financial planning for a bright new future too. Health care expenses are rising and singles and married people will rest more comfortably knowing that medical expenses that occur throughout life will not deplete the savings account that have grown larger and larger as the years have passed by. The cost of health care insurance might seem high until someone in the family requires surgery and there is no plan in place to replace the lost income.

Families will incur debts through the medical needs for children. The expenses of delivering a child alone could be disastrous for a family that had no financial planning in place to prepare for it. A health care insurance plan with a maternity rider or clause would provide insurance compensation on a normal delivery and provide for extended hospital stays if the child is premature, which at the current market rate is close to $56,000. All of the services performed by physicians after the birth can be covered under the plan as well as all medical care received by the Mother.

While these medical expenses may be high, financial planners that work in the Government health care system have supplied some relief. The Internal Revenue Service could consider every dollar paid toward medical expenses for deductions on tax returns if the amount exceeds the medical expense limits in place. Deductions for medications are included in the tax plans, and families can make other financial plans for the refunds that come from filing income taxes each year.

Every investment decision could be affected by the current tax structure and by planning the purchase of stocks and bonds, and participation in mutual funds the financial expenditures through taxes can be lessened in many ways to allow people to retain more cash year after year. Timing is critical for payments into individual retirement accounts because these monies are tax free until they are withdrawn later in life and by planning for the payment of those taxes, a person will feel that they have a solid financial plan established for when they finally retire.

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