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Discover the Fortune that Lies With Taking Your Small Business Global

by Kim Schott

Are you limiting the amount of business your local or global client could be doing with your right now, because you fail to see the value that you bring them?

Take a few minutes and think about that first question. I'm not going anywhere.

If the answer is yes, all you have to do is change that one realization in your life and the lives of any team members you are leading. In conducting your life as the head of your own small business, incredible increases and improvements and quantum leaps can't help but occur because people from all over the world will seize the advantages you now make clear and evident to them.

As a small business venture, your goal is to maximize your profit. As we have told you before there are only three ways to increase your profits. First, increase your customer base. Second, increase the price or size of each purchase, and third increase the frequency of repeat business. You'll be able to accomplish all three by communicating the value you offer to others in a compelling way.

Let's talk about relationship power for a moment. You deal with adults everyday from a variety of cultures. Since you are dealing with adults from other cultures all day long, you owe it to yourself to respect others enought ot learn the language they deal with, and to communicate with them in the same language. You can get the maximum yield out of a conversation with an engineer, if you learn from them the language of engineering. If they are doctors, learn their most popular key phrases and terms, not the least. And you've got to understand that the maximum means giving so you can receive. People are only too happy to let you know their innermost needs and desires if you can make yourself accessible to them, or make them accessible to you. It is a simple process, and it means developing the ability to learn what the other side is all about.

The most powerful way to grow your culturally fluent mindset, your global income-producing capabilities, your empathic understanding of how others see situations, is not to sit in a vacuum and conjure up your own idealistic view. It's to engage people in all aspects of life, your business, your job, from all four corners of the globe, and ask questions. Ask them about their hopes, their dreams, their points of view, their interests, and their goals. That's what drives the world economy.

There self-employed professionals from all over the world who want to, and need to do business with you right now. They want to earn a higher valued currency, they want to joint venture with you so that you succeed. Take a moment and read how other adults around the world want to give to you, so that they can receive:

Jainism: "A man should wander about treating all creatures as he himself would be treated."

Islam: "No one of you is a believer until he loves for his neighbor what he loves for himself."

Christianity: "Whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them."

Yoruba Proverb (Nigeria): "One going to take a pointed stick to pinch a baby bird should first try it on himself to feel how it hurts."

Judaism: "What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow man. This is the entire Law; all the rest is commentary."

Hinduism: "This is the sum of duty; do naught unto others what you would not have them do unto you."

Confucianism: "What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others."

The more you understand other adults, the more effective you will be. This is only possible by developing the richest, most interactive relationships possible.

Now, a lot of my clients find themselves in a quandary, thinking, "Maybe I should just be discounting this product, or doing this service nobly for people. By "nobly" they usually mean, "for free." The value you contribute in a situation is so great that unless you realize a reward for doing it, you probably won't do it consistently and effectively for other people. It is perfectly acceptable for you to receive a share of the rewards for the new and additional value you create for other people.

If you are not willing to charge for your product or service, most people won't appreciate it. I used to give free advice to people on local and global Client Attraction, and no one acted on it. When I started charging people $350 per hour, everbody acted because they saw value in the investment. I no longer charge by the hour. Now, I only charge by the program.

Try this simple Giving-So-You-Can-Receive test: Write an actual list of ten companies that sell products and services to clients that have the same or similar profiles as the clients (people or companies) you currently reach. Just imagine the related products and services that your clients are most likely buying before and after they buy your items or programs. (Example: Your client bought a puppy, prior to hiring you to clean their carpets!) Imagine what events must be happening in their lives that would initiate them contacting you, and insisting that they do business with you.

Imagine writing, e-mailing or faxing the owner (or president, or department head) of those companies and letting them know that you have identified a profit center that could easily add value to their current business, and it wouldn't cost them anything. Let them know that the profit center would help their current buyers to buy more things, and spend more with them than they do now. And, this idea has the enormous benefit of reactivating a ton of old, inactive buyers. You would then ask them to give you 10% to 25% of the bottom-line profit for being the deal maker.

If you actually did send a letter to all of the business owners you've tallied, my educated guess is at least half will enthusiastically want to know all the details and talk to you. As you can see, the benefits of the recipient business owner are many and obvious. People receiving this letter all over the world would be CRAZY not to at least call or email you to find out more about you and your company.

About the Author

Kim Schott, your Global Client Communication Expert, is the author of the Keys to Client Communication System, the step-by-step, paint by numbers client attraction program to attract more clients in less time. To receive your weekly how-to articles on consistantly attracting more local and global clients in less time, visit http://www.SchottCulturalConsulting.com

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