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Dating Advice For Men: Be A Gentleman

by Penelope Phillips

Here's something I hear all the time from women: "He's not the same guy he was when we were dating!" Oh boy. If I had a dollar…

Well guys, it's a fact: good manners are ALWAYS appropriate, whether with your date, your mother or even complete strangers. Since we're dealing with dating here, we'll focus on that.

In the fast-paced, casual society in which we live, good manners -- being a "Gentleman" -- often seem quaint and old-fashioned. While that may be the case, that's not a reason to abandon them, quite the contrary! Showing your good breeding around women you are attracted to will make a lasting impression, because of the fact that it is so rare.

Kind of like wearing a bow-tie. But I digress…

Here are five simple things you can do that will at least give you a start on appearing to be a Gentleman. If you are diligent and stick to it, you may even become one!

Hold the Door. Easy to say, easy to do, and you'll do it a hundred times a day. Don't bow or make a show of it, just hold the door open and allow the lady to proceed through the door first. You'll be surprised at the results. There is an exception: if it is a revolving door, you should go through it first so the women can follow you without the effort of pushing the door.

Be polite. It seems I shouldn't even have to say that, but here goes: BE POLITE! It's something you should do anyways. Always say "please" and "thank you", be respectful to your elders -- especially if the elders in question are your future in-laws! Call older men "Sir" until they expressly tell you to stop.

Open the Car Door. You've heard the saying: "When a man opens the car door for a woman, you can be sure that either the car or the woman is new." Well, don't let it happen to you! Opening the car door is a polite, respectful thing to do, always appreciated, that takes no thought and even less effort.

Be On Time. When you have a date, strive to be on time, even if you have to wait 30 minutes afterwards while your date finishes getting ready. Being fashionably late might work at a dinner party, or if you're a visiting head of state, but it won't work with your date. Be respectful of her time and yours.

And Finally: Don't Swear. Swearing, even mildly or casually, is never appropriate. It makes you look like a classless rube.

So there you have it. Five very, very simple things to do that will make you look and feel like a gentleman. If you stick to them for a while, you'll soon be doing them unconsciously, and then you will REALLY be a gentleman!

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