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Air Travel Tips - Making The Flight Fun

by Tom Tessin

If you've flown a million times or it's your first time flying, you may find it hard to keep yourself entertained when you're in the air. Like a road trip, there are a million things to do but when it comes to thinking about these things, it's hard to make a list. Below are a few things you can bring on your next flight to make the trip a lot easier for yourself.

Bring ear plugs

Believe it or not, ear plugs are something that a lot of people tend to forget. If you haven't brought ear plugs on an airplane, you should try it the next time you fly. Ear plugs are generally found at any type of general merchandise store for as little as one dollar. If you haven't wore ear plugs before, they do a very good job at drowning out all of the sound around you.

Think of what you do at home

Before you go on your next flight, think of what you do at home in your spare time. If what you do involves electricity, it probably comes in a portable version. If you don't have the money to purchase this product, look into possibly renting a similar item or borrow one from a friend. If you like to play video games, you can look into getting a PSP or Game Boy. If you like to watch DVDs or TV, you may want to get a portable DVD player.

Before you do bring DVDs on board, check and see if your airline supplies TVs. Some airlines will supply in house movies for no charge. All you will need to bring are headphones. If you forget to bring your headphones, you can usually rent or buy them from the airlines for a few dollars.

Grab some snacks

Nothing makes time fly by like a little snacks. Most airlines allow you to bring small foods on the flight, so you won' t have to worry about it getting thrown away. If you forget food, most airlines will allow you purchase snack packs for a certain price. Some airlines have free snacks and drinks. Like I mentioned above, this all depends on the airline, they are all different from each other.

The easiest way to keep yourself entertained is to be prepared. A long book and magazine can take you a long way. A bad thing to do though when it comes to magazines is to purchase one magazine just because of the topic. You may find that the magazine is very dull and if this is the only source of entertainment you bring on board, you may find the flight to be even longer if you don't have any entertainment.

As mentioned above, the best thing to do is just to think of the things you do at home. Everything in today's world comes in a portable device. From laptops to DVD players, you'll be able to keep yourself entertained.

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Ecommerce Hosting, A Boon To Modern Commerce

by Norman Horowitz

Ecommerce is the short word abbreviation for electronic commerce. With Ecommerce, physical business transactions are replaced with virtual Internet transactions. Ecommerce also facilitates virtual contact between buyers and sellers, and does so at greatly reduced costs.

Ecommerce hosting has radically changed the way of doing business in global economy. Many people are going online everyday to make online shopping because there are various ecommerce solutions available in the market. Online sales have passed a billion-dollar mark and these numbers are growing. Hosting Consumer Report will help you to find the most professional ecommerce web site hosting

When starting an online business, many people simply use their Web sites as a kind of information brochure strictly for the purpose of advertising. However, ecommerce domain hosting web sites can also communicate valuable information to potential customers by offering details about your products and services, which means your Web site can become the main source of your business' revenue. The Internet is a virtual marketplace where you can sell your products and services internationally. Ecommerce web site hosting helps you build and maintain client relationships that you may not otherwise be able to by granting you access to customers around the globe.

Ecommerce web site hosting is key to online business success. Ecommerce web hosting allows you to reach around the world and gain more potential customers. Many ecommerce hosting packages come with a shopping cart. The package includes a secure online payment gateway, ensuring secure transactions. Further it will provide web applications, a web hosting shopping cart and a database. There is also easy-to-use software included with each package. Thanks to todays technology, many companies are successful due to ecommerce web hosting.

When choosing an ecommerce web hosting provider, pay attention to such features as full domain support and registration services, full email services; fast page loading; 24/7 online support; SSL that is important if you are going to sell products online to provide secure payments for your customers. Ecommerce is a business that should be entered into seriously and consciously, with foresight and careful planning.

An online business hosting site does not have to cost much money, but one you do pay generally provides a higher level of service and greater server reliability. A paid website host will frequently bundle in an assortment of site management software and also afford more flexibility so that you can utilize templates if you choose or design your website yourself from A to Z.

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Business practices in the global economy have been revolutionized by ecommerce hosting; online shopping is carried out every day by millions of people due to the availability of ecommerce solutions.

Making money on eBay? It’s a no-brainer

by Andrew Maule

If you’re reading this right now it’s probably safe to say you’re not making tens of thousands of dollars on eBay, or maybe any money at all. That’s alright. A whole lot of people aren’t. But then again, a whole lot of people are. The internet has set forth an unprecedented amount of entrepreneurship and ambition that existed previously, only bottled up and unused. Thanks to the expansionism of the web and the ability of almost anyone to start a business, it truly is a great time to be alive and in business. eBay is perhaps one of the most remarkable successes of the internet. An online auction place where you can sell almost anything you want. People sell everything from ceramic figurines up to billion dollar paintings, seriously. Try to imagine this kind of transaction and interaction between people 20 years ago and you’ll quickly realize how revolutionary it is. Maybe you’ve taken for granted the fact that you can now get on your home computer and bid on a used MP3 player and possibly get a fantastic deal, all from the comfort of your home. Who would have ever imagined? If that’s difficult to believe, let’s imagine for a second the idea of people making a living on the internet and some people becoming millionaires or even billionaires. The idea would have been incomprehensible. But now here we are in 2008 and people are making their livings on eBay and some of them are even millionaires thanks to it. eBay has provided a great venue for people to sell their goods and services, and sellers are more than happy to take advantage of this opportunity. Some people are literally selling thousands of items per week, you’ve probably seen them on eBay selling something you’ve considered purchasing. They’re called Power Sellers. And you can be one too. Power Sellers are successful eBay sellers with eBay “stores”, or non-auction or auction based store fronts to sell their products through. These people buy bulk goods at wholesale costs and resell them at either close to or manufactures suggested retail price, making a killing. Don’t believe me? My sister-in-law is a Power Seller who sells laptop cases. One bulk wholesale order of premium, quality laptop cases costs her $150 plus shipping and handling. That bulk order consists of 45 cases, which she then goes on to sell for $30 each. Let’s do the math.

45 laptop cases times $30 equals…?

That’s right, $1,350.

That is a $1,200 profit! eBay Power Selling is not only a profitable form of business on the internet, it’s highly addictive and easy. That is why these sellers are ranking up thousands of sales. This is what I’m talking about when I tell you, and the countless people I speak to on a day-to-day basis, that they can be making tons of cash on eBay alone. It’s such a great time to be doing business in this day and age, it truly is. We have opportunities like never before and people are becoming rich like never imagined. I highly encourage you to get started working on some form of internet business be it either a t-shirt shop you start yourself or an extremely successful Power Seller wholesaling operation on eBay. Don’t let anything stop you! And remember that giving up is never an option. Life is a road with many road bumps, and it’s always ironically those same speed bumps that make it all worth the ride. I wish the best of luck to you!

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Financial Plans Throughout Life

by James Brown

Many people make plans to do things throughout life but never take action. Financial planners hate to see this happen because it is the worst form of procrastination that could have disastrous results to someone's financial future. By making financial plans throughout life, a person will be able to enjoy more things and feel more confident about their financial future as the day of retirement slowly approaches.

Those who have procrastinated in the past will probably need to improve their financial status by clearing out all debts that have occurred over many years. The debts and the late charges accrued over time have probably taken a toll on the person's ability to place cash in a savings account or participate in a retirement plan where they work. Every debt that is paid in full will be one solid step forward to securing a solid and secure financial plan for a bright new future.

The cost for obtaining a good health care plan at work or through private insurance sources will be included in the financial planning for a bright new future too. Health care expenses are rising and singles and married people will rest more comfortably knowing that medical expenses that occur throughout life will not deplete the savings account that have grown larger and larger as the years have passed by. The cost of health care insurance might seem high until someone in the family requires surgery and there is no plan in place to replace the lost income.

Families will incur debts through the medical needs for children. The expenses of delivering a child alone could be disastrous for a family that had no financial planning in place to prepare for it. A health care insurance plan with a maternity rider or clause would provide insurance compensation on a normal delivery and provide for extended hospital stays if the child is premature, which at the current market rate is close to $56,000. All of the services performed by physicians after the birth can be covered under the plan as well as all medical care received by the Mother.

While these medical expenses may be high, financial planners that work in the Government health care system have supplied some relief. The Internal Revenue Service could consider every dollar paid toward medical expenses for deductions on tax returns if the amount exceeds the medical expense limits in place. Deductions for medications are included in the tax plans, and families can make other financial plans for the refunds that come from filing income taxes each year.

Every investment decision could be affected by the current tax structure and by planning the purchase of stocks and bonds, and participation in mutual funds the financial expenditures through taxes can be lessened in many ways to allow people to retain more cash year after year. Timing is critical for payments into individual retirement accounts because these monies are tax free until they are withdrawn later in life and by planning for the payment of those taxes, a person will feel that they have a solid financial plan established for when they finally retire.

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Aspen Vacation Rentals: Powder-Covered Slopes

by Cedric Agravante

Anyone who thinks of Aspen, Colorado is immediately reminded of powder covered mountains, high dollar ski lodges and a winter vacation getaway. This is one reason to visit Aspen - however there are three other seasons in which Aspen offers many other incredible things to do and see. For a one-time visit, a hotel may be your preferred lodging. However, once you see that Aspen is a hot-spot year round, you may be more interested in an Aspen vacation rental such as a townhome or a time share. Fortunately you are not the only one to think of this, so the resources are abundant.

The most popular winter activities in Aspen, CO include skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and snowshoeing. The powder-white snow will entice any ski enthusiast to test their skills on any one of the different experience levels. If you are not much of a skier, you can simply take in the amazing winter air and scenery as you ride the ski lift to the top of the mountain. Once you arrive, enjoy a meal at one of the mountain-top restaurants as you look out onto the snow-covered mountains. When you're through dining and enjoying the view, you can take the ski lift back down to the bottom of the mountain and enjoy hot chocolate and a warm fire in your choice of ski lodges.

Popular Summer Outdoor Activities

In the summer, popular outdoor activities that Aspen has to offer include a myriad of outdoor activities. Bicycling, hiking, skateboarding and many other activities will keep even the most fanatical outdoorsman busy at any time of the day. If it is culture you desire, Aspen will not disappoint you. The Aspen Music Festival and School is a summer-long celebration in which the world's most talented, skillful and promising musicians, young and old, convene to perform, listen, learn, teach, and enjoy the art of Music. If you are a food and wine enthusiast, you may enjoy the Chili Pepper Fest, Vintner Dinners and the Food & Wine Classic. Aspen is also home to several art and film festivals all year round.

Vacation rentals in Aspen are available in a wide variety of prices, and accommodation types. Whether you are looking for a hotel room, a quaint cabin, townhome, condo or even a house, they're available if you know where to look. To find the best deals, you may want to use a travel agency or a company specializing in this particular region. Any vacation destination that is as popular as this town will have travel agency and rental services that specialize in that particular area, and will often have the best insight to help you find what you need.

Prices of Aspen Vacation Rentals

The price of a vacation rental varies greatly depending upon the size, location and amenities you need or want. A simple hotel room with limited features can be found for less than a hundred dollars per night. If you are on a budget, traveling alone or with a friend and don't plan to spend much time in your room, this is a good option. For a more luxurious stay and especially if you need accommodations for more than one or two guests, you may be more interested in renting a townhome or condo.

Condos and townhomes range in size and features just as much as hotels do. The difference between these and hotel rooms are that they are more like an actual home. They will usually have a kitchen, living room, dining room and more than one bathroom depending on how many bedrooms there are. You can get a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo or townhome for anywhere from three hundred per night to seven hundred.

For large groups, you can even rent a seven bedroom home for a little under $3000 per night that will sleep up to sixteen people. This is actually a very affordable option for groups, as it equals out to about $190 per night per person. The bottom line is that, just like any vacation destination, you will want to do your research. You may find that you have so much fun in Aspen that you want to make it an annual trip or even more.

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If You Trade The Forex, Here's How to To Apply Your Skills to Stocks

by Andrew Shiveley

Trading the currency market can be a very lucrative business, especially with the large amounts of leverage that most forex brokers provide. In order to be a trader that can consistently earn pips in the forex market, it is wise to have at least a basic understanding of all the economic factors that go in to determining exchange rate values (and in fact many successful traders have multiple economics-related degrees).

However as I have recently found out, when it comes to your knowledge of the global economy and your day-to-day knowledge of the exchange rates of all the major currencies, you can apply this knowledge outside of forex trading and make money by investing in companies that have a certain business plan. This stock picking strategy is the topic of this article, and I have personally used it to make tens of thousands of dollars all by trading the forex as I normally do and then finding companies who have a business plan that is heavily dependent on international trade.

This investment strategy works because of a very simple principle: For companies that operate internatonally, a factor of doing business in different countries is that you must exhange currencies, and costs and profits can be greatly affected by changing exchange rates. This is why I mentioned the background in economics because for a man or woman who has spent years learning macroeconomics, they have no trouble understanding the different effects that the appreciation or depreciation of a particular country's currency will have on their international trade.

As for how long you should keep your stock position open, this is really up to your own personal trading strategy but you might look to capture a 2-5% price change in 7-10 days. Those of you who thrive on daytrading may not be happy to hear this, but the fact is that it takes at least a week for the increased or decreased costs of doing business (due to exchange rate changes) to affect the price of that company's stock in any noticable way. If you do happen to be a forex daytrader, you are in a position that most other traders are not because you have an up-to-date knowledge of where the current exchange rates are for all the major currencies, which shows you whether business is getting cheaper or more expensive for certain companies.

For this stock picking strategy to work, there are a few things you need to know. The first thing you will want to do is find at least one company that either operates internationally or does a lot of importing or exporting of supplies. An example of what you could look for in a company might be a American cell phone distributor that imports supplies from European manufacturers. If a stock is publicly traded then all of this information should be readily available, and you want to find a business model that is largely centered on only two countries (or rather, only on two currencies such as the Euro and the dollar, so that any large movements of this single currency pairing will affect the costs of this company).

Once you have found at least one company like this, and it is obvious to you that a large change in the value of one currency (such as the USD appriciating) will significantly impact this company's profits, the next thing to determine whether the specific currency pair that you have isolated is trending or not (in our example it would be EUR/USD). If the currency pair is moving sideways then that might not do you much good, but if the currency pair is in an obvioud trend then this should work to your advantage. We are looking for a trend that is at least one month long, and during that time we are looking for a change of about 100 pips per week or more.

In our example of the American company that sells laptops, if the USD was appreciating against the EUR (meaning that EUR/USD was in a downtrend), then it would become cheaper for the company to import parts since their dollars will now buy more Euros. This would mean that costs for this company have recently been declining, and it is likely that these lower costs (and higher profits) are factored into the stock price. So if you met all of your trading conditions and the EUR/USD was in an obvious trend for at least one month and was moving at the rate of 100 pips per week or more, then you would want to buy or sell the stocks of companies that rely on importing or exporting.

I began applying this strategy recently in my own trading, and it was relatively successful and intuitive application of my forex knowledge to the stock market. I have been trading forex for years, but I have only recently ventured into the stock market because I discovered a way to apply my currency market knowledge to stocks. Hopefully reading through this article has got your brain working and now you can more easily come up with ways that you can pick stocks based on exchange rate values.

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Thinking Of Putting Up A Call Center ? Are You Sure ?

by Zigfred Diaz

The Philippines is currently the next hottest destination for business process outsourcing after India. There are several call centers and other business process outsourcing ventures operating in the country right now. A proof of this is when you look at the classified ads section of every Philippine newspaper, you can notice that more than half of the available jobs pertain to business process outsourcing. Another proof of this is the growth of our export sector despite the dwindling dollar. With these in mind, it looks like getting into the call center business will be very lucrative.

With these developments in mind, we initially thought of getting into the call center business. However as we extensively studied the call center business there are several things that we learned that dispelled our misconceptions about call centers and they are the following:

1.) A Call Center business still follows the traditional business processes - A misconception about putting up a call center business is that it spells instant big bucks in a short period of time. This is definitely not true. While it is true that the demand in the market for call center is so huge, however it does not necessarily translate to instant profits.

According to the study presented to us, it is only in the second year that the call center starts to profit. In the first year, losses or a break even has to be incurred first. This is similar to any kind of business. You can't expect to profit immediately. There is a window of time where sacrifices have to be made. Just like any traditional business you have to have a good management team. A lot of small time call center operations have been shutdown due to bad management. Most importantly your Human resource has to be very good as this is one of the most important departments of the call center operations.

2.) Running a Call center requires intensive Capitalization - There are those who believe that putting up a call center requires only a very small amount of. They think that you can just just rent a small space and link together a bunch of computer in a network and to the internet and then start operating. Operating a call center is not as simple as most people think. You have to burn a lot of money. We were told that the dialing software alone cost more than a million pesos. Aside from the computers themselves you will have to get licensed copies of Windows XP plus you have to set up other stuff like your server, ensure that you have a good, stable internet connection and buy the i.p telephones that agents use.

3.) Call center operations requires intensive marketing - Some people think that because there is so much demand for call centers they can just build a call center and expect clients to come. This kind of thinking is very erroneous. Clients are not just looking for "call centers" per se. They are looking for reputable call centers. Call centers that can deliver services that their clients wants them to deliver. As a new player, you will have to establish yourself as somebody who is reputable.

This is not a problem for big call centers. They get clients easily because they have established themselves as reputable. But not so for small players. What most small call centers usually do is get the outbound first (By outbound we mean that call center agents calls persons abroad to try to sell something or offer a service. On the other hand inbound refers to catering to the needs of existing clients of big companies who outsource their services) Although there is money to be made in outbound, it should be noted that most outbound agreements are usually performance basis. If you go for outbound you defintely make money if your agents are good sellers. Otherwise you loose. It is therefore logical that it may probably take some time for small players to establish themselves as reputable and trustworthy with the outbound before they can be entrusted with the inbound.

It is therefore wise to consider all of these before you decide to join the bandwagon of the business process outsourcing industry in particular setting up a call center.

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Effective use of your credit cards

by Rhys Campbell

Some people use credits cards wisely, some people seem to manage OK paying a little bit of interest per month and other have credit cards that are out of control and accrue large amounts of interest per month. If use effectively, credit cards can actually be a real asset.

The credit card market is a very competitive market, with lending institutions offering genuine benefits to attract and/or retain customers. If you're smart about your credit card usage, you can actually really benefit from the "add ons" that are on offer.

Annual fees

Most cards come with some form of annual maintenance fees attached. Some lenders waive the annual fee for the first 12 months and some actually provide a card without any annual fees. Chasing down a card without annual fees can save anywhere between $50 - $100 per annum - better in your pocket than the banks.

Additionally, the annual fee charged may depend on the services attached to your card. Reward points membership or improved card status such as Gold or Platinum usually comes at a cost so make sure you fully understand the cost and benefits before signing up! Some of the cards with better status provide free travel insurance for example.

Interest rates

Whether you're applying for a new credit card of reviewing your current credit card set-up, it's important to consider the interest rate that is being offered. Most lending institutions offer an initial interest period at a reduced rate i.e. 9.95% per annum for the first six month versus a normal rate of 15.95% which depending on how you manage your credit card balance, can add up.

Additionally, some lenders provide reduced rates for the life of card, which can add up to a lot depending on how you manage your card. Be aware, lower interest rates usually means less in the way of "add ons".

Have a look at the market and consider the options available and what best suits your needs.

Interest free period

All credit cards offer an interest free period. If you can manage to get an extra 5 or 10 days on your card, all the better.

Transfer of balances

Another way of attracting customers is to offer a reduced or 0% interest rate on balances transferred from another credit card. If you're struggling with your credit card and find you're paying large amounts of interest on the outstanding balance each month, it is worthwhile investigating the option of transferring the outstanding balance to a new credit card. This will allow you to pay down that balance whilst incurring little of no interest compared to incurred excess interest charges from your current provider.

Remember, the outstanding balance transferred to the new card should still be reduced as soon as possible. The longer it takes to reduce that balance, the longer you'll have outstanding balance accruing interest on the new card in relation to transactions processed using the new card.

Lenders will apply your repayments to the zero interest balance transferred before reducing any of the new interest bearing debt accrued by purchases with the new card. The longer it takes to pay of the transferred balance, the more interest you will pay on new transactions.

Reward points

Most credit cards have a rewards program attached to the spending. For instance, for every dollar you spent you be aware a reward point which can be redeemed to buy products, redeem as cash to reduce your outstanding balance or redeemed as frequent flyer points with a partner program.

Depending on your level of spending you can actually accrued a large level of reward points and enjoy the benefits on offer - products from the reward program, free flights when the airline partner etc.

Reward points = Frequent Flyer Points

A lot of credit cards are now directly aligned their reward points to airline partners so that dollars they can be redeemed as frequent flyer points. For example, I have an option with my American Express card that allows me to redeem my reward points as Qantas frequent flyer points. These points will be used to fund my next family holiday or help pay for accommodation or hire card.

Summary of key tips for using your credit card effectively

* No or low annual fee * Low interest rate * Extended interest free period * Ability to transfer balance at 0% * Solid rewards program aligned with your frequent flyer program

Have a look at your current credit cards and see whether you're getting what want. If the answer is no, get on line, check out the options and apply for the card that best suites your personal needs. It should be a pretty straightforward process and hopefully result in you saving some money.

For a couple of good credit card comparison sites, check out or

Remember, this is merely my personal option. If you're not sure what you're doing, speak to someone at the bank or lender of choice and make sure you're fully informed before making any decisions. If need be, consult a professional advisor before making a final informed decision.

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Rhys Campbell is a qualified Chartered Accountant residing in Australia, with over 10 years experience in the finance / commerce industry worldwide. Rhys has ceated EasyBudgeting to provide everyday people with a simple, straightforward and easy to use budget planner to help take control of personal finances.

Think Like an Instant Billionaire

by Fabienne Fredrickson

In sifting through emails from a recent R&D survey I launched, I read the responses, and honestly, I wanted to cry. Don't get me wrong. It's not that I haven't been aware that most solopreneurs have very low expectations of what could be made in self-employment (I've been at this for almost 9 years after all!), but I just didn't know how LOW. Until I got the responses to the following question: "What is the most amount of money you see yourself making as a self-employed person?" Not just this year, but EVER.

Close to 200 solopreneurs (mostly female) wrote in and shared with me their "Most-I'll-ever-make-in-a-year" numbers. What shocked me was that the number itself was really LOW and the majority of people wrote in numbers within a short range: between $50,000 and $75,000. Sure, a couple of them wrote in $150,000, but even THAT seemed like a far cry from what I *know* is possible, when you shift the way you work, get good marketing in place, create systems for everything, outsource, and set up leveraged and passive streams of income.

But what really got me choked up was they didn't BELIEVE it was possible and worse, some didn't feel they deserved it. Their MINDSET wasn't accustomed to thinking BIG, and truthfully that made me very sad, almost depressed. So I went about adding it to my Client Attraction coaching curriculum.

I had to find a way for them to stretch their thinking of what might be possible for them. Then I thought of an assignment I'd gotten years ago from my very first coach, Talane Meidaner, author of Coach Yourself To Success. Back when $3,000 a month seemed like a BIG goal for me to reach in my private practice, she asked me to pretend I was an instant billionaire. The goal was to expand what I believed was possible for me and to do it in just 5 minutes' time.

Essentially, this Billionaire Game was about tapping into my every wish, desire, dream, and hope I've ever thought about. Where I wanted to travel, what I wanted life to look like, what I wanted to have, how I wanted to set up my business. What I liked about this exercise is the 5 minute limit didn't allow me to think too much and instead to just do it.

So, I set my timer and frantically wrote down all the things I wanted for my life, and my business. It was a LONG list, and when I was done, it felt actually freeing to see what I'd written down. What I realized is many of the things on the list weren't that far of a stretch, and I could live many of them NOW, if I made a few changes. But it also got me to start dreaming and imagining BIGGER things for my life.

The coolest part is it helped me expand what was possible for me. Things aren't THAT out of reach and you can live a billionaire lifestyle now, which then feeds your mindset even more that you DESERVE to make

When I look back at the list I wrote back then, it's really cool to see I'm pretty much living that exact life now. (Although I still don't have a live-in spa chef and haven't traveled to India and Vietnam for a month each yet, but those will come.) :)

Your Assignment:

Give it a try. This game will help you get past your restrictions around money. Grab a paper and pen. Imagine you've just become the billion-dollar lottery winner. Not just a million. You now have more money than you'll ever be able to spend.

The condition of winning; however, is you must write down 100 different things, whatever you want to be, do, or have on a piece of paper, and you have only 5 minutes to do so. So write fast, without over-thinking. Remember to write down every wish, desire, dream, and hope you can possibly think of.

Set the kitchen timer and see if you can come up with 100 different things. Don't worry about any practical considerations of your list. Don't let anything limit or stop you. You can do, be, or have anything you want. This is about expanding possibilities. Most of us start out way too small.

I promise you one thing. This will not only affect your mindset about what's possible for you, it will also affect your Client Attraction. The more you begin to LIVE like a billionaire (on whatever your budget is), the more Client Attractive you will become. Try it and let me know how it goes, OK?

Having trouble staying in the Success Mindset and believing you CAN make a whole lot more being self-employed? You're not the only one. The good news is, once you're shown how, it all becomes easy to implement, especially when all the tools, scripts, templates, and examples are handed to you on a silver platter.

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I will be diving deep into both the MINDSET and the MARKETING necessary for you to finally succeed, and it's all in my upcoming Client Attraction Marketing and Mindset Breakthroughs Workshop. Why struggle when you can just model a system that already works? Read the success stories here: .

How to Achieve Something

by Ralston Heath

So you now want to know what it takes to achieve something. First let us find out WHY we want to achieve it. Ask your self this: What motivates us to do something?

Now here is the answer to that great question: When we try to achieve something, more often than not, there is something in it for us. There is in short, a reason that we do things and most of the time it is either to ease discomfort, or to satisfy a need. For example; you have a leaky ceiling over your bed. You want to stop the drops of water that cause you discomfort when you’re trying to sleep. You can achieve fixing it if you possess the motivation to do so, know how to do it, and have the right tools to do it with. It’ll never get fixed properly if you lack any of these three things.

Why did we choose to learn it and what tool do we need to use to achieve this? We want to cause discomfort to cease, if you could achieve fixing this problem, you’ll be able to sleep better whenever it rains. The discomfort was what provoked you to take action, and you now need to know what is involved in fixing roofs, so you ask friends, check out a book from the library, and learn what to do. Then you accumulate the tools and materials, and fix the roof. Soon enough the fruit of your labor becomes apparent when the next rain storm arrives and you can sleep undisturbed.

Now this shows that most of us, in order to achieve something, sometimes we need to be provoked into action. We are great procrastinators and whatever we can put off until tomorrow, we will. There is a consequence and we find ourselves becoming upset that we didn’t tend to a problem earlier when we had a chance. Opportunity knocked, we missed it, now we’re in a little trouble or we’re in a situation which is uncomfortable. In other words most of the time we do not have motivation to do things unless the situation becomes uncomfortable. We only react to pain, so to keep us moving the universe also known as God will continue to provide pain so that we can progress.

Then there are other times when we want to fix something, we are motivated to do so, have the right tools, but cannot do it ourselves. A board might be too heavy to hold into place or we don’t have the strength to move some heavy object. Seeking help is always appropriate, as long as it is assistance, not an excuse to procrastinate.

Are you beginning to see where all of this ties in with what it takes to achieve your goals? You have your wants, needs, and dreams. Which of these do you wish to work toward? You now understand that nothing is achievable without motivation, knowing anything about your goal, and having the proper tools. You also know that sometimes you need help and amazingly enough it is there whenever you need it. When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

The BIG secret to being a happy person is to learn to motivate your self without pain. If you can somehow figure out how to start doing things before discomfort causes you to have to, you will be a most happy and successful person. The answer to this mystery is simple, set and achieve goals.

So now you have a good reason to get started, but how do you set goals? Every organized business sets goals. Some do it daily, weekly, monthly, and some do it only once every quarter. Setting goals is important because this becomes motivation for any company and its people to produce greater profitability. Goals can consist of achievable dollar figures, higher service standards, production quantity, advertising, and other production related figures to which a company would like to see an increase. Regardless of what these goals are, they all amount to an ideal goal of one thing: Growth.

So it’s time to become active with your goals. Here is a TOOL that will help you achieve your goals. WRITE THEM DOWN ON PAPER! Make them realistic and not too far out of reach. Each goal should be created to help you achieve something. For example, to say “I will be a better person” is too abstract and may involve too many details. Instead say “I will be nice to my co-workers” this gives you a target to actually accomplish.

Create a Goal: The act of writing it down on paper causes something in the universe to stir, and soon the universe will be on your side conspiring to help you in all that you desire to accomplish. Whatever you may do or not do, write your goals on paper, it is the one most vital step in the whole process.

Now that you’ve set your new goals, you’ll need to follow up with them. Post the goal in a visible place where you can see it everyday. A bulletin board over your computer work station, the fridge, the bathroom mirror, someplace you look every day would be ideal. If you are highly motivated, you will not procrastinate and you’ll work toward achieving your goals as soon as you can. Do not wait to have a few free hours during a day off from work or when nothing good is on TV. Do something towards your goal every day, even if it is just to read and re-read it. Work at your goal until you’ve achieved the desired results, then set another goal.

If you only ask God for help when times are tough, you are going to have a lot of tough times, because God likes to talk with you.

Be Blessed

The Guide to Setting Goals

About the Author

Did you find the information useful? You can find more about it at my Blog: True Happiness

A Brief Look At Merchant Accounts

by Craig Thornburrow

A bank allows businesses to accept credit cards, gift cards and debit cards by having a merchant account. A merchant account is a specialized bank processing account that uses a credit card terminal.

A credit card terminal is an electronic piece of equipment that allows the merchant to swipe or key in a credit card's information. This type of terminal allows merchant's to also be able to accept gift cards and debit cards and it check verification while processing. Merchants can use these terminals need to be connected to phone line, internet, or cellular service. There are many ways to obtain a merchant account.

Merchants can lease a terminal if they do not want to buy one or some banks will give the merchant a terminal for free in exchange for a long term contract. AS we all know though nothing in life is free, there are fees involved every time the terminal is used. Actually there are a variety of fees that are involved with merchant accounts. There are even different fees depending on if you swipe the card or punch it in manually.

There is an authorization fee that is charged each time a card is sent to the bank to be authorized. This is usually between 10 and 45 cents. This fee is charged even if the transaction is declined. A statement fee is a monthly fee that is charged to the merchant at the end of every month. This charge is usually a flat fee of $5-$10 dollar.

There is a monthly minimum fee to ensure that merchants pay a minimum fee each month to cover maintenance and minimal profits to the provider. If the merchants account does not meet the monthly minimum then the merchants will be charged a minimum fee usually around $25.

A batch fee or a header fee is charged to the merchant at the end of every day when the terminal is settled for the day. This is when a merchant is balancing their drawer at the end of the day and closes out the terminal to get a total amount of credit cards that were used for the day. If this is not done every 24 hours a higher rate will be assessed.

There can also be customer service fees, annual fees and numerous other fees. Before you get a merchant account set up you need to get a look at all these fees from your bank and see if you are going to have enough activity to make it worth your while to have a merchant account.

About the Author

Craig Thornburrow is an acknowledged expert in his field. You can get more free advice on merchant accounts and an online merchant account at

The Shot Heard Around the World: Google's

by JW Michael

My name is Roger Preston, and I am a journalist for various publications in upstate New York, as well as the New England area.

I recently had a chance to interview the fine team of professionals at whose flagship product is entitled "Get Google Ads Free."

In April of 2007 "Get Google Ads Free" was launched, and the effect was nothing less than equal to "the shot heard around the world!"

Within just weeks people everywhere were talking about it, and other top-notch online marketers were scurrying to sell it as an Affiliate for the company.

But here's a little insight that 99.9% of everyone the world over doesn't know:

The Product's greatest endorser is none other than Google itself!

That's right. As shocking as it may seem, Google has NO problem with the course that reveals how anyone can get ads on their search engine for Free!

Now, at this point I know you must be curious as to how such a thing is possible, as Google makes its money from the sale of both AdWords (PPCs) and AdSense (where webmasters allow Google to show their ads on their pages).

One might think that any information that revealed how an advertiser could get their AdWords pay-per-clicks free would be damaging to Google, and therefore Google would not want anyone finding out about it, right?

WRONG! It seems that the secret system developed by the retired native New York doctor contains an interesting "twist" that while allowing advertisers to eliminate their AdWords costs, it does not reduce a single dollar in AdWords revenue for Google.

In fact, just the opposite!

I cannot give away the secret here because that's why it's for sale in the first place.

But I can tell you that with the application of what's inside "Get Google Ads Free" that:

- Google loses NO money - Google actually can make even more M0NEY! - Advertisers gain an instant almost unfair advantage over anyone not knowing what's inside "Get Google Ads Free!" - Advertisers can now afford to outbid their competition! - Advertisers are not at risk any longer as their advertising budgets no longer matter!

Wow! And this is just the beginning!

Now, where's the definitive PROOF that Google endorses the amazing system shown in "Get Google Ads Free?"

I asked this question to company spokesperson and Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Mr Todd Coutrin, to which he responded:


"We started our launch like we always do with any product online, using Google AdWords to offer our Product.

"We used keywords that contained the word 'free' so we anticipated the usual HOLD these keywords usually cause any campaign using them to experience.

"But when our campaign was paused by Google for a tad more time than what we regularly anticipated, then we got concerned.

"I actually placed a call directly to Google at 1-866-2-GOOGLE and spoke at length with a customer services rep who said she'd check into what was happening.

"She returned my call 16 hours later and informed me that due to the specific nature of the Product in question (i.e., the ebook "Get Google Ads Free!") their team at Google secured the product, read it all the way trough, and then realizing it would NOT hurt their revenue but actually increase it, they immediately un-paused and resumed our ads"


Amazing! They actually got what amounts to a Signed Certificate of APPROVAL from Google itself!

Therefore, anyone who questions the truth or legality concerning "Get Google Ads Free!" need not fret at all.

Yet, the usual "naysayers" seemed to ignore the obvious fact that if Google had a problem with "Get Google Ads Free!" then we all wouldn't be seeing all the PPC ads at Google each time we type in the keywords and phrases:

- free ads - free advertising - "Get Google Ads Free" - free ppc - free adwords

And so forth!

Yet, there are many very stubborn, even foolish, among us ...

> The "Crybaby Syndrome <

To be fair, I must also inform you of those who seem to be out to get the company for sharing their amazing secret with the world.

In what seems nothing more than a ploy to get attention, a UK online firm operated by two "wanna-be" law students have a Blog that talks the usual trash about the Product.

The Blog's owner, Rob Scott, talks a big game by claiming the secret system to be nothing short of a scam! He even recklessly throws around the potentially libelous phrase ".con (Ooops, I meant .com)" as an attempt at childish humor in order to bash the firm's name.

What's shocking is that this individual is actually a student of law (at least that's what he claims) so one would think that he should perhaps check out the facts before proceeding with such careless remarks.

After all, he admits severally that he "never even ordered the ebook" so how could he truly know one way or the other if it was a valid system - not to mention it is assumed he's at least reasonably intelligent since (according to him) he got into law school, that he would be able to see for himself the firm's Affiliates' ads all over Google, and therefore reason that Google itself is perhaps the firm's chief supporter.

But stubbornness abounds, I suppose.

Ironically Rob says that the only reason he attacks the firm is because "it's a no brainer that this must be a scam," and he got "tired of seeing all those little AdSense ads on his page that people kept clicking on" (which by the way only stood to make him lots of M0NEY!) -- yet he accepts donations on his site as a poor, struggling law student in need of paying for his education, and rather than legitimately earn an income from AdSense with an APPROVED Product.

Sadly, Rob actually censors most of his Blog so that others who wish to post POSITIVES concerning "Get Google Ads Free!" can't even do so. (But what would you expect from a "wanna-be" lawyer?)

He even posts what appears to be an actual response by the firm's lawyer, but which is perhaps nothing more than his own posts disguised and designed to make himself look better (as anyone can see that the dialogue appears "manufactured" instead of genuine).

What some people will do to project themselves as "Savior to the rest of us" and "The People's Advocate." How ridiculous indeed.

Despite the "crybaby" from across the pond, Rob Snot (Ooops! I must have meant Rob Scott!) has failed miserably to put even a dent in the firm's sales!

Plus, traffic is on the rise shooting up from an average of 14,000 visitors daily to now well above 20,000 visitors daily (an increase of 42% in daily traffic alone! -- Keep up the good work, Rob!!)

Anyway, don't be dissuaded in your decision to build your online business by eliminating your Google AdWords costs, as the course "Get Google Ads Free!" not only reveals precisely how you can do this, but it goes 10 steps further by giving you all kinds of other amazing strategies I can't even begin to allude to here.

Plus, the e-Course comes with countless resources that go far beyond the usual variety of instantly-clickable extra values!

Lastly never forget that even though quite elderly now, Dr Jon Cohen has even set new records finishing ahead of himself by now having:

- Grossed over $400 Million in revenues!! - and SAVED over $100 Million in Google advertising costs!! - attained a personal wealth above $80 million

...all due to his own system!

*NOTE: Rob Scott is broke and demands donations! (Ha!)

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is!!

So if you'd like to get in on all the action, then go grab this amazing "BREAKTHROUGH" for yourself only at:

As one very famous Internet Marketer said it best:

"This is a weapon that should be in every Internet and Affiliate Marketer's arsenal and library!"

Get it directly from the good doctor himself!

About the Author

My name is J.W. Michael and I have been a professional consultant for sales and marketing professionals along with being a professional sales and marketing executive myself. I switched m attention to the Internet several years ago and enjoy teaching new advertising techniques, this in particular is the most incredible I have ever seen. I know the Internet marketing newbie along with the pros can profit greatly from this information.

Getting To Good: Your Spontaneous Woo Quotient

by sas_leedavid99

As I was driving to a friend's house, I passed the Dublin Pub, a local watering hole known for its live music. On the reader board, one band's name caught my eye: Spontaneous Woo.

I did a little digging and learned that the band hails from Bay City, Michigan and offers a funk/jazz blend. The term "spontaneous woo" refers to an audience response often seen during concerts in which a rising tide of enthusiasm culminates in a distinctive eruption of happy exclamations.

Now, there's a universal human experience. There is nothing quite like letting out a joyous, spontaneous "Woo!" when things are going our way. We might personalize our woo, making it come out as "Yesss!" or "Sweeeeeet" or even "Woo-HOO!"

There's an appropriate word for this in every language. No matter what elicits this response, we know it means something good has happened. We recognize these woos, whether inspired by simple pleasures or major milestones, as a celebration of goodness. What makes us woo tells us a whole lot about what we value, and what we value is all that is "good".

What is "good"? How do we define it?

The British poet, W.H. Auden, said: "Goodness is easier to recognize than to define." Isn't that the truth!

We know "good" when we see it, just like we know when something is woo-worthy. Putting this into words in a consistent way is tough. This is where your personal philosophy comes in. Realize that your ideas of what makes a life "good" come from the people you know, the books you've read, the movies you've seen, and a host of influences you can't remember right now.

We use "good" to describe everything from a haircut to a mathematical theory. Essentially, something is "good" if it satisfies a certain expectation we have of it--it hits the target. A "good" cup of coffee could be strong, weak, bitter, sweet, milky, steaming hot, black, organic, shade-grown, or free, depending on what you value.

"Good" may be a moving target, but Aristotle happened to like the whole idea of targets. He used the Greek word "telos" which was the term used to describe an archery bulls-eye. It's a simple mental image--a big circle with a dot in the middle.

Teleology refers to the study of the purpose of things. Aristotle believed that everything in nature has a purpose, or target. A thing is good if it serves its purpose, fulfills its mission, or hits its target. The whole world is made up of these interrelated purposes.

According to Aristotle, our purpose is to think in order to live a good life. We're supposed to use our brains to contemplate, to appreciate the complexity of the universe, to attain greater understanding of our role as humans, and to be happy. By fulfilling our role as thinkers, we are living to purpose-we are living a good life.

What does that mean exactly? What do we use as guidelines or markers to help us determine if we are getting close to good?

If, as Aristotle says, our purpose is to live a good life and be happy, why isn't there some simple formula we can apply to everyone? What's the minimum woo-quotient of a good life? Can we be happy if we're not living a good life? Can we live a good life if we're not happy?

How much do we need to be happy? We all know plenty of people who never seem to be happy no matter how much they have. One of our greatest challenges as humans is figuring out how much is enough.

Aristotle believed that we need to use courage, honesty and moderation in pursuing pleasure. He considered moral goodness and enjoyment in life as the same thing. He believed it was okay to pursue anything you want, as long as you don't go overboard. This concept of moderation became known as the "golden mean".

Not surprisingly, this golden mean became a popular idea, especially among the rich. It was just what they wanted to hear! Remember that the majority of Aristotle's students were wealthy--who else had the time to study philosophy all day? Aristotle himself ended up being handsomely paid--especially for a philosopher!

Aristotle had his work cut out for him trying to remain moral while becoming wealthy. His most famous student, the classic overachiever Alexander the Great, clearly never got the point about moderation. Aristotle's emphasis on the golden mean got lost in all the excitement about pursuing whatever you like.

Hmmmm. Sounds a lot like modern life, doesn't it?

What kind of life would Aristotle suggest we live in the midst of all the stuff of the 21st century? What does moderation mean now?

Wealthy people are not necessarily more or less moral than anyone else, but they ARE tested more than the rest of us. They have the means to live an excessive lifestyle if they choose to do so. If you live large, your morality--or lack thereof--is magnified for the world to see. Add a dash of celebrity and a stint on TV, and you start serving as some sort of example.

This is where we get confused between "a good life" and "the good life".

We're fascinated by the choices people make when they have the ability to live any way they choose. We read magazines featuring photographs of celebrities in their homes. We watch television shows that give us tours of the properties owned by billionaires. We're both fascinated and repelled by reality shows that offer riches to those who manipulate others.

Why? It's because we're curious about the choices made, and we wonder what we would do given the same set of circumstances.

Seeing the homes, the furnishings, and the cars gives us an idea of what is valued by the individual. We watch because we wonder what choices we would make if we had the same bank account. Would we be extravagant? Would we live simply? Would we be tacky or tasteful? Would we horrify the neighbors or build a better community? Would our children be kind, compassionate, and generous, or would they be self-centered brats with a huge sense of entitlement?

Would we be like Sting--or Ozzy Osbourne? Would we have daughters like Sofia Coppola--or Paris Hilton?

Most of us have the, uh, good fortune of not being tempted to live without limits. Without being fully tested, we don't really know how we'd fare in a world of big money and bigger visibility.

The wonderful thing about living a good life is that it is possible to do it at any economic level. You can live a good life in poverty or wealth. Though we tend to think it's a lot easier to be an excellent human when we have sufficient funds in the bank, both versions--rich and poor--come with plenty of challenges.

It's tempting to put off becoming your best self until you believe you have the financial support to do it. "I'll be generous once I get to the top," you think. "I'll be kinder when I'm not so stressed." "I'll give back to the community when I retire."

There's no dollar amount that precludes or guarantees a good life, and there's no reason to postpone your own greatness. You may win the lottery tomorrow, or you may lose everything. Despite any dramatic shifts in your personal fortune, you can live a good life today.

Note and relish your own spontaneous woos on a daily basis, and look for ways to increase and deepen them. Think, be happy, and share that wealth in words, wit, and warmth.

The good life never felt so good.

About the Author

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7 Foods You Can Eat to Lose Weight

by John Barban

The food industry is constantly creating new 'functional foods' that will help you lose weight, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, and help you keep your blood sugar and insulin levels in check and so on and so on. When did eating become so complicated, and since when could food do all of these magical things?

Foods designed to help you lose weight are a multi billion dollar industry. And think of how ironic of an industry that is, how could you possibly eat something to lose weight? That doesn't make any sense at all. The act of eating always adds mass to your body, it couldn't possibly take it away.

The only way you can lose weight ever, is to eat less calories than you burn off. Bottom line, there is no arguing this. This rule existed 1000 years ago, and will exist a 1000 years from now. There is no possible way you could gain weight if you ate less calories than you burned off.

No matter how easy you seem to put on weight, and how little food you think you eat, there is always a lesser amount that will cause you to lose weight.

The actual matter that makes up your fat cells has to come from somewhere, and that somewhere is your diet. If you eat more food that you burn off then you will store fat and gain weight. If you eat less food than you burn off you will lose fat and lose weight. That's it.

So the list of 7 foods you can eat to lose weight consists of any foods you would like to see on that list!

You could lose weight eating cheesecake everyday. As long as you ate less total calories that day than you burned off.

The only weight loss diets that have ever worked or proven to have any effect always make people eat less total calories. That's it. Carbs, fat, protein and sugar don't make any difference, as long as you eat less. If anyone tells you otherwise they just haven't done their research. And I encourage you to challenge anyone who thinks that any 'special' food can actually help you lose weight. It's baloney, eating less is the only way.

Think of it this way. If any of the popular diets like low carb, low fat, high protein actually worked, would you or anyone else still be looking for another way to lose weight?

I know of only one way to effectively eat less and still be able to eat the foods you like. At I found the only nutrition program that makes any sense at all.

Author Brad Pilon basically threw me the biggest curveball ever with this new nutrition program and it makes the most sense out of anything I have ever read. There is no reason to stress over food any longer, there really is a way to lose weight and eat what you like.

About the Author

John Barban is a professional strength and conditioning coach who has completed graduate studies in both exercise and nutrition. He has extensive experience designing nutritional supplements and has developed his trademark workout for women 6 Minute Circuits. John is an expert contributor to and recomends the diet program , and believes it is the best new diet for easy and effective weight loss.

Dating Advice For Men: Be A Gentleman

by Penelope Phillips

Here's something I hear all the time from women: "He's not the same guy he was when we were dating!" Oh boy. If I had a dollar…

Well guys, it's a fact: good manners are ALWAYS appropriate, whether with your date, your mother or even complete strangers. Since we're dealing with dating here, we'll focus on that.

In the fast-paced, casual society in which we live, good manners -- being a "Gentleman" -- often seem quaint and old-fashioned. While that may be the case, that's not a reason to abandon them, quite the contrary! Showing your good breeding around women you are attracted to will make a lasting impression, because of the fact that it is so rare.

Kind of like wearing a bow-tie. But I digress…

Here are five simple things you can do that will at least give you a start on appearing to be a Gentleman. If you are diligent and stick to it, you may even become one!

Hold the Door. Easy to say, easy to do, and you'll do it a hundred times a day. Don't bow or make a show of it, just hold the door open and allow the lady to proceed through the door first. You'll be surprised at the results. There is an exception: if it is a revolving door, you should go through it first so the women can follow you without the effort of pushing the door.

Be polite. It seems I shouldn't even have to say that, but here goes: BE POLITE! It's something you should do anyways. Always say "please" and "thank you", be respectful to your elders -- especially if the elders in question are your future in-laws! Call older men "Sir" until they expressly tell you to stop.

Open the Car Door. You've heard the saying: "When a man opens the car door for a woman, you can be sure that either the car or the woman is new." Well, don't let it happen to you! Opening the car door is a polite, respectful thing to do, always appreciated, that takes no thought and even less effort.

Be On Time. When you have a date, strive to be on time, even if you have to wait 30 minutes afterwards while your date finishes getting ready. Being fashionably late might work at a dinner party, or if you're a visiting head of state, but it won't work with your date. Be respectful of her time and yours.

And Finally: Don't Swear. Swearing, even mildly or casually, is never appropriate. It makes you look like a classless rube.

So there you have it. Five very, very simple things to do that will make you look and feel like a gentleman. If you stick to them for a while, you'll soon be doing them unconsciously, and then you will REALLY be a gentleman!

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About the Author

Single and in her 20s, Penelope Phillips is a Dating Consultant. She is the Author of the "Tea For Two" Newsletter. You can sign up at Real Dating Review

How to Increase the Sales Price of Your Home

by Kick Ass Short Sales

(c) Gerald Romine - All Rights reserved �"

It's here! The time has finally come to sell your house. You want to do everything you can to maximize your profit and sell as quickly as possible. Here are a few ideas to help you find a buyer and close the sale for the highest price possible. 1. Is your house ready to sell? Don't even think about putting your house on the market if there are still little things that need to be done. What seems "little" to you could be a deal-killer to your prospective buyer. One of the most important things you can do is prepare the outside. Most home shoppers are going to drive by and if they don't like what they see on the outside, you'll never get them to see the inside of the house.

2. Stage the inside of the house. Have you ever looked at a model home in a new subdivision and noticed the home had a cardboard TV, silk plants, towels, candles, shower curtains, potpourri, etc? The only reason they prepare or "stage" a model home this way is because it helps them sell houses. You need to "stage" your house too. If you are creative and resourceful you can do this for less than $500. A nice plus is that you get to keep it all anyway.

3. Magic in pricing. Modeling your pricing strategy like the auto industry is smart business. While the real difference between a $9,995 car and $10,000 car may only be $5, the difference in the mind of the consumer is HUGE. You'll never see a car dealer make this mistake. If you're selling a house for $243,000 that's not much of a difference than selling a house for $249,995.

4. Easy to show. People buy houses based on emotion. If your house is not easy to gain access to, your buyer is likely to fall in love with another house that they can visit quickly and easily. Whenever possible, have a lockbox on the house and make it easy for the buyer to get inside and see your beautiful home.

5. Attract the buyer with a flyer. You need two flyers, Make sure the buyer can pick up a flyer about your house when they walk through it or drive by. Imagine they are looking at 15 houses in one day then later that night they are going to make a decision to buy a house. After looking at 15 houses, the details become foggy, but if they have your flyer with pictures and details about the house it will jar their memory and increase the likelihood of a sale. Your second flyer is a financing flyer. It has great terms listed and details how they can own the house for "only $1299 per month." The goal of a financing flyer is to sell them on the concept of a low monthly payment and make them forget about the price.

Follow these tips and you'll be sure to sell your house for top dollar in the shortest time possible.

About the author: Gerald Romine is a nationally recognized real estate expert that has been featured across North America sharing the stage with political leaders, film stars, and business leaders. Since 1989, Gerald has been involved with real estate as a real estate agent, broker, rehabber, investor, and builder and has been involved with everything from houses to apartments. For more information about Gerald’s products or services visit

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If you use the material please send us a note so we can take a look. Thanks.

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About the Author

Gerald Romine is a nationally recognized real estate expert that has been featured across North America sharing the stage with political leaders, film stars, and business leaders. Since 1989, Gerald has been involved with real estate as a real estate agent, broker, rehabber, investor, and builder and has been involved with everything.

How Do You Invest in a Hot Real Estate Market?

by Kick Ass Short Sales

(c) Gerald Romine - All Rights reserved �"

A frequent question I am asked is:

"How do I find deals in a hot real estate market?"

Actually, there are several ways to find real estate deals in a hot market. The answer depends on your investment goals and the level of risk you are willing to take. Personally, I'm conservative in a hot market. I may make less money than others who speculate and buy just because the market is hot. But your goals and risk-tolerance may be different.

Here are some different temperaments of real estate investments and how they approach finding properties:

The Speculator: In a HOT market the speculator is a genius. A speculator can do no wrong, because whatever he pays today there will be somebody willing to pay more tomorrow. And, just like the stock market, when you're hot, you're hot and everybody's a winner.

The downside for the speculator happens when all good things must come to an end. And sometimes when it does, the speculator might be stuck holding the bag. I have no personal objection to people speculating, but I have zero patience or tolerance for whining when the ride is over! It's like Russian Roulette; your odds of winning are 5 in 6 and that's pretty good, isn't it?

On the upside, a lot of money can be made speculating. If you are in and out quickly, your risk is limited to your holdings at any given time. The flip side of this is that markets often give back some of the artificial profits. There is a risk you could find yourself having paid more than a property is worth, and if the markets turn around quickly it is an ugly position to be in.

In a hot market, many investors are willing to pay retail price and then turn around and sell at higher new market values that result from the rush of buyers. Hopefully you can see the danger in the game. If you choose to play, make sure you understand the risks. I used to trade commodities, and that's a game all about managing risks. With the risk comes the reward, and my hat is off to those that win. :)

The Investor: A market that is on fire is a speculator's dream and an investor's nightmare because methods that used to work no longer get the same results. Your marketing efforts will see decreased efficiency and you'll have fewer opportunities to purchase properties at the discounts you are accustomed to. It's frustrating because even though your marketing results are plummeting, the answer is to market more and become better at marketing!

A hot market can deliver a real blow to an investor's self confidence. It makes the investor stop and ask if they are doing something wrong. They're not, but changes need to be made. Since marketing is less effective in a hot market, more time must be spent on marketing to generate sufficient leads. A possibility is to specialize in a field and dominate a niche.

A few possibilities: • Pre-foreclosures (and yes, it is a dog-eat-dog world) • Bankruptcies • Divorce Filings • Eviction Notices (disgruntled landlords) • Quit Claim Properties • Death Notices • Tax Liens Filed

And, when the market is hot, look for opportunities to buy "subject to" properties that create cash flow. Anytime property cash flows it's hard to go wrong long term!

What do I do in a HOT real estate market? Personally, I've sold many of my properties to realize cash profits. I am now anxiously waiting for the markets to turn. I know when it does, most investors will be running for cover while I'll be one of the few to pick up deals. The entire investing game changes at this point and I'll explain what to do in this type of a market later.

However, don't think I've stopped buying houses. No way! We're still wholesaling houses and most of the time the profits are a little smaller, but we're in and out the same day and making cash money without risk. Nothing wrong with that and there's still plenty of deals out there.

When will the markets turn? The answer is, "Who knows?" and, "Maybe they won't." And, it doesn't really matter if you know how to invest in your current market. But, let me tell you why I believe the markets will change:

1. Markets Cycle - Nothing is immune to the ups and downs of a market and cycling is a natural part of the process. When there is not enough housing, there is a rush to build houses. Then too many houses are built and everyone stops. Then there are not enough and on and on the cycle continues.

2. Interest Rates - As interest rates rise, consumers will be able to afford less and less of a house. This will affect the market demand, prices, and construction of new homes. When the market turns, some smart investors will be looking to buy entire subdivision projects from bankrupt developers. In a hot market many houses are pre-sold, but when this dries up, many developers are in BIG trouble because they were dependant on deposits and profits from pre-solds when construction is completed.

3. The U.S. Economy - I didn't plan on covering this topic, but it is important to at least note. For the last 100 years, the U.S. has been the financial powerhouse of the world and has been able to push its weight around (and during this time the U.S. markets went through many natural cycles). But, this is changing quickly and the new currency of the world is the Euro. This is demonstrated by the Euro's strength and the number of countries scaling back U.S. dollar investments (T-bonds, etc.) and moving into Euros. In short, the U.S. dollar has taken a beating.

Combine this data with a $50 billion per month deficit, and you should see that something is wrong. Put those two together and you might see a bigger picture beyond just a hot market.

In addition to the US Economy a lot of work is finding its way overseas through services such as It's an entrepreneur's dream come true, because it is a free market economy, but to the American employee it is a brutal wake-up call.

Will the markets turn? Always, and when they do we'll adjust our investing strategies to the market and make great profits.

About the author: Gerald Romine is a nationally recognized real estate expert that has been featured across North America sharing the stage with political leaders, film stars, and business leaders. Since 1989, Gerald has been involved with real estate as a real estate agent, broker, rehabber, investor, and builder and has been involved with everything from houses to apartments. For more information about Gerald’s products or services visit

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About the Author

Gerald Romine is a nationally recognized real estate expert that has been featured across North America sharing the stage with political leaders, film stars, and business leaders. Since 1989, Gerald has been involved with real estate as a real estate agent, broker, rehabber, investor, and builder and has been involved with everything.

Jumat, 15 Februari 2008

Make Money Fast - a Simple Method to Get Rich Quick

by kelly Price

Enclosed you will find a method anyone can learn and make money with and if you don't have much money, we will show you how to deposit $500.00 and invest $100,000! You get this capital without any credit checks as well so here is your method to make money fast.

It's becoming a forex trader from home - before you say I can't do that! - You can, it doesn't cost much and anyone can do it. Let me tell you an inspiring story...

In 1983 trading legend Richard Dennis taught a group of people with no trading experience to trade in just 14 days - the result?

They made $100 million in just 4 years and went on to become trading legends!

This group only had one thing in common - they had never traded before yet, they made money fast.

Will you become as rich as this group?

Maybe not, life simply isn't like that but the opportunity is there and it's a fact anyone can learn to trade and make money fast - if they want to do so and the effort you put in will be well rewarded.

You may say I don't have much money but that doesn't matter.

Today, you can open an online trading account with a few hundred dollars - but and it's the but that can make you rich:

You can leverage your deposited money 200:1!

All leverage means is, you have the ability to trade 200 x your investment or on $500, its 500 x 200 = $100,000.

Of course leverage can work for or against you. However, if you learn how to cut your losses quickly and run your profits, you can pile up huge long term gains.

This requires mental discipline but if you have the desire you can do it.

Its not easy and it's the reason most traders lose. You need to forget about being clever and take your losses on the chin and wait for the big profitable trades where you can put leverage to work and get huge profits.

The best way to trade currencies is to use technical analysis and forex charts, to spot and act on repetitive price trends.

You will soon learn how to do this. As I have said currency trading is a learned skill - it doesn't matter if your young, old, male female, work in McDonalds or are a rocket scientist - you can succeed.

25 years ago I read the story of Richard Dennis teaching his group to trade in just 14 days and it inspired me to trade and I still do so today.

Its one of the best ways to make a living - its fun, its exciting and you only have to commit 30 minutes a day!

Sure learning forex trading is a challenge - the question is are you up for a challenge? and are you prepared to work hard? if you are - welcome to the world of global forex trading and the opportunity to make money fast.

About the Author

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Become A Professional Forex Trader From Home!

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100% Automated Stock Trading Robot 'Recommends' Highly Profitable Market Picks

by Kari Larson

I have something very important to tell you about. In fact, right before posting this, I just called around to most of my own family, telling them about this website I discovered.

You see, I was surfing the Internet early last month to research trading stocks, and I came across an interesting website. It's about two "geeks" [geniuses?] who have created some kind of stock trading robot. This bot sits on the computer like any other program, and just analyzes stocks all day.

Anyhow, I don't want to tell you too much about this bot, because it costs $28,000 for a single license! I did a little further research, and after finding some interesting forum discussions, someone pointed me to another website -- a website where the owner [also intrigued by the bot] has written a snappy article about it...

But, more importantly, this owner gives details on how anyone can join a newsletter. This newsletter is sent out weekly via e-mail [usually, on a Sunday evening], and it includes a stock that the robot has picked for this week.

These stocks often rise over 100% within a matter of days. In fact, after being a newsletter member for three [3] weeks, I invested on the fourth stock pick... and made $1,976.00 [pure profit]. Which is precisely why I just rang around all of my family, telling them about this website.

Oh, but there's one more thing before I give you the address: There is a limit to the number of available newsletter placements. As I write this, there are 27 places left. [They started at around 400.] If any other major media feature it again -- e.g., BusinessWeek, CNBC, Interactive Investor -- subscriptions will very likely fill.

So, if you can bear it, follow the link below, then scroll to the bottom of the page. In big letters, is the number of places left. If that number is above 0, you're in luck, and I'd advise you to scroll to the top and start reading -- fast!


Go forth and prosper!

P.S.: At the website, be sure to sign up for the FREE "2 Secrets to Stock Trading Success"!



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Kari Larson is a free-agent writer, small-business champion, health communicator, journalist, publisher [e.g., ProsperNOW --] and PR/branding/marketing catalyst who's focused on creating total health *and* artistic, professional and financial freedom.


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Earn a life-long passive income from the internet

by Anup Mahajan

Before we discuss the benefits of earning passive income through the internet, let's look at different types of income and their pros and cons,

1) Active Income - This is the most common type of income and it involves getting paid for services that you offer. Active income can be in the form of salary, commissions, wages, tips or income from business. The key point to note here is that you earn active income by participating in the daily affairs of your job or business.

Pros - Offers job and income security.
Cons - Monotonous, time consuming, plus the job security is at all time low.

2) Passive Income - Passive income, on the other hand, gives you a regular income with little or no effort from your side. Some examples of passive income are:- income from patents, royalties, real estate rentals, network marketing, business partnerships and many more.

Pros - Great source of residual income, more time for family & friends, can lead you to your financial freedom.
Cons - Not everyone can earn passive income from royalties, patents. Requires a lot of effort in the initial stages.

3) Portfolio Income - Portfolio income is derived from your investments. Some examples of portfolio income include income from bank deposits, dividends from shares, profits from shares/bonds/real estate/commodities/forex and many more.

Pros - Very high income potential if investments are done correctly, can lead you to your financial freedom.
Cons - Investing is not easy. It takes a lot of effort from your side. Plus you may not get good returns when you actually need money due to adverse economic conditions.

Now that we have covered different types of income, let's focus on how you can earn a passive income from the internet.

I mentioned earlier that in order to generate passive income, you need to put in lot of efforts in the initial stages. But the internet has changed all that and now you can earn a lot of passive income with very little effort from your side. And you can earn all that money from the comfort of your home!

Let's explore the best ways to earn passive income through the internet:

1) Affiliate Marketing - This involves selling products created by others and earning commissions in the process. This requires some effort as you have to identify products that are in demand, then promote and sell them. The trick to earn passive income from affiliate marketing is to identify products that are subscription based so you promote them once and earn commissions every month. There are lots of subscription based products that you can promote to earn regular passive income.

2) Network Marketing - This involves networking with other people and creating wealth together. This type of business typically involves creating your own teams by referring the opportunity to other people and achieving a set of goals. The wealth generated is collectively shared by the team. Network Marketing is a lot easier in online world as you don't have to meet or even call the prospects, the communication can be done through emails. Network Marketing is one of the best ways to earn passive income because once you have a good team in place, you don't have to put any efforts as your teams will build their own teams and your passive income will continue to grow.

3) Blogging and monetizing content - Everyone is an expert in some field. You can use your knowledge and experience to create content that people are willing to read and even follow your advice. You can monetize your blog or website by displaying ads or promoting affiliate products from your site. When people visit your site and click on the ads or buy an affiliate product, you earn money. If you can create good content, this can become a very good source of passive income for you.

4) Online Auction Stores - Online auctions is another way to earn passive income online. This option requires sourcing products, setting up your own stores to sell them and finally shipping the products. eBay is an excellent site to start this type of business. The trick to earn passive income from this opportunity is to automate every aspect of your business. For this you must locate a reliable supplier who can supply the products at the cheapest price and is even willing to ship the products for you. Then you must automate other aspects of your business with the help of tools available on the internet. Do it right and you have a huge passive income opportunity.

We have explored some of the most popular ways to earn passive income from the internet. But these are not the only ones. New passive income opportunities are getting created regularly. It is in our interest to explore and more importantly act when such opportunities are created.

Remember the more passive income sources you have, the faster you'll achieve financial freedom.

About the Author

Anup Mahajan is the creator of If you liked these passive income ideas, why not learn more about the Best Passive Income Opportunity available today? Click on the link to learn more about this passive income opportunity: Passive Income.

New Software Totally Revolutionizes How To Trade Currencies

by Scott M.

A little over a year ago I began to trade foreign currencies after seeing a late night infomercial about how much money you can make. I consider myself fairly intelligent, and thought I would make millions in the FOREX market. To make a long story short, I blew three accounts before I decided to search the internet for a better way to trade.

About 4 months ago I stumbled across a software program called Range Trader Phase Two. I was intrigued by the website because it said the software fully automated the trading process from picking the currency pair(s) to trade to entering/exiting the market at predetermined points. so, I purchased the software. It was the best purchase I made in a long time. Since using Range TraderPhase Two my trading account has increased steadily by about 3% per month.

What I like about it is its simplicity. I turn on my computer in the morning, launch the software and then go to work. It's really that simple. The software does everything for me, including compounding my account as my balance grows.

If you are serious about currency trading, you must add Range Trader Phase Two to your arsenal.

About the Author

I am a 43 year old attorney living in West Palm Beach interested in the FOREX market.

Forex Trading " Three Signs Your Position Is About To Be Overrun

by Maceo-Jourdan

Gaps are tough in the Forex. Since the markets are open 24 hours a day, without breaks. Take a look on an “intra-day” time frame (64/32 minute)- if you see gaps on these bars, take note of the direction. If price is gapping in your direction, fine. If price is gapping opposite your bet,m you may have an early sign of a change or pattern break. If you're not in a positipon, but are planning an entry, use a “Rest-Pause” technique.

Here's an example of how it works: You see a possible entry into the Pound/US dollar pair, you've calculated your risk, your profit targets are marked on the chart, and you are ready to pull the trigger. Then you look at the intra-day trading and see... gaps. Upside, downside, they're all over the place! Now what you do is... wait. Hold your order for 3-5 minutes before actually calling your order desk or entering the order into your dealing desk.

This goes double for you intra-day traders. If you're feeling like “I've just gotta get in before this gets away from me!”, you need to take your calculations, then Rest-Pause for 3-5 minutes. Your emotions will cool and you might find a few entries that were more wishful thinking than high-probability. (A good kitchen timer can help to keep you more honest!)

A wide range bar is another good sign that your position is about to be overrun. First, you've got to know your average daily range. Second, you have to calculate your entry point(s) ahead of time. If you see daily bars exceeding the average range, expect your entry target to go to the full 1.618 extension.

Sometimes, you'll see that the market is near a target for entry, and the 24 hour period closes at the extreme top or bottom. That is an indication of strength (close at the top) or weakness (close at the bottom). Expect to see several tail closes one after the other

About the Author

Maceo Jourdan is recognized as an expert trainer, trader and author of three best-selling trading books and Home Study Courses including "How To Get Filthy Stinking Rich Trading The Forex" book and Home Study, "How To Trade The Harmonics of The Foreign Exchange Markets" Vol. 1, 2 and 3. small groups. Get Forex Trading information from Maceo at http://www.

Systematized Profit in Foreign Exchange

by Maceo-Jourdan

Here are three types of trading systems in the Forex market. Two are based in the GBP, and one is based in volume trading. A GBP/JPY or USD/GBP trader system takes advantage of the tendency of active markets to break out of a morning range.

As customer orders enter the market, the market makers must match those orders with other customer order flow or take/give out of their inventory. If the market makers wind up net short(or long) they will have an incentive to push the market to the next block of order flow to cash in. The key to this system is to trade during times of high volatility.

The JPY pairs, in almost all cases, have a surge of activity starting at 9AM Tokyo time. This system marks the first 120 minutes of activity and sets that as the box. When price breaks above the high, or below the low, trades are taken in the direction of the break.

Knowing that tendency, there are several options. You can try to predict the future, you can take all the trades and apply aggressive money management tactics to the winning trades, or you can stop trading when the average true range falls below a certain level and wait for volatility to pick back up.

The GBP trader system, much like the JPY pairs, has a big push of volatility around the open- 9amGMT. This system takes advantage of breakouts beyond the first 90 minutes of trading with a 1% trailing stop after profit has reached $25. It's a very active system that trades the London session. The critical factors are the trailing stop, and low slippage and commissions. 20 dollars is the breakpoint; above 25 dollars in slippage and the system breaks down. Adding a filter for ATR improves the system's robustness, allowing for more slippage. The system still remains tied to the stop, so it's best described as a scalping system.

A volume trading system takes advantage of the tendency of large markets to reverse after large trading volumes. Professional traders will often use large influxes of volume(trades, not orders) to build positions and maneuver price. However, just looking at the volume isnt enough, as a large influx of trades can just mean a trend continuation. The key here is to look for extremes.

For now, this system is anecdotal- computerized testing has mixed results, due to the nature of computers. The things are literal; if you can't tell a computer exactly what you're looking for, then you won't get an answer. The general idea is to sell when the

About the Author

Maceo Jourdan is recognized as an expert trainer, trader and author of three best-selling trading books and Home Study Courses including "How To Get Filthy Stinking Rich Trading The Forex" book and Home Study, "How To Trade The Harmonics of The Foreign Exchange Markets" Vol. 1, 2 and 3. small groups. Get Forex Trading information from Maceo at http://www.