Minggu, 13 Januari 2008

Working Class Hero

by Mark Barton

Finding that perfect business can be very hard at times. It seems like today in our fast growing economy everybody wants to be an entrepreneur or some type of small business owner. I can remember conversations with belated co workers of mine who always complained about the work conditions at the job. Everyday the topic of getting a raise would come up. Most people thought that getting that 5% increase would be the end all of their financial problems. Well it wasn't nor will it ever be.

Being proactive to financial freedom is not enough. We also need to deal with the reactive side of the spectrum. Both these element must come into balance in order for us to obtain habits of financial success. Most people who work jobs never reach this level of the playing field. They are content with the daily grind of their familiar Social Structure. If this sounds like you then this article may not be for you. If you are looking forward to the next company picnic then this may not be for you either.

Truly getting out of the rat race involves you being the source of your cheese not XYZ Widget Company. When we work as employees we tend to make friends and meet new people. There is nothing wrong with this because we are social creatures by nature. Everybody in some innate way has a sense of belonging. We often join Churches, Civic Organizations and Gangs to fulfill this basic need. Ask yourself these question next time company XYZ Widget gives you a $20 gift card for Christmas. Does my employer really care about me? Do I want to continue these routines for 20yrs or more? Can working here truly make me financially free? Are any of my co worker becoming more reactive to their financial freedom? Is my job my life?

There is a parable in the bible when Jesus said "to be in the world but not of the world". I hold this also to be true for various work environments. This simple parable can be empowering enough to move you in the direction of things you truly deserve in life i.e. Spending time with you family and loved ones, Having no cap on your annual income, Having a social network of friends who are ambitious about financial freedom like you. If we truly want financial freedom we may have to sacrifice getting our picture posted in the Human Resource section as the infamous Employee of the Month. You can start now by learning to be more reactive.

Financial Success is only a few steps away for those who truly want it. Their is no competition only creativity. Use your creative minds to create the world you want to be in not the world you have to be in. The job site is only an invisible day cage that you can escape from at any time. Why not use your creative mind to create riches for yourself. The possibilities are endless.


About the Author

I am a Motivational speaker that has helped many young and old business owners achieve success.

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