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6 Legitimate Work from Home Jobs

by J. W. Clucher

Are there any legitimate work from home jobs out there?

The answer is "yes."

For many people, being able to work at home and earn a descent amount of money would be a dream come true. Some want to work from home to earn extra cash and supplement their income. Others want to be able to quit their day jobs entirely, and work from home on a full time basis.

What stops many from pursuing this dream is that they don't know how many legitimate, work from home jobs are really out there, or how to find them.

Here are some work at home jobs you might be interested in.

Freelance Writing

This is a great, legitimate work from home job for anyone with good writing skills. For a fee, a freelance writer is hired by companies or individuals to write articles, books, ebooks, reports, email messages, and other written materials.


Anyone who has an eye for proper grammar and punctuation should consider proofreading as a work from home job. A proofreader is hired to look over "copy" (in books, brochures, menus, and so on) with a fine tooth comb, and search for grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors. A proofreader may also make changes to make the writing seem more professional and polished.

Data Entry

If you can type, you should consider data entry. This legitimate work from home job involves typing data (given to you by the person or company that hired you) into a database or spreadsheet. For example, you might be hired to enter a list of clients' names and addresses into a company's database.


As a telemarketer, you would be hired by a company to contact potential new customers by phone and offer them the company's goods or services, often at a discount.

Medical Transcription

This is a good, legitimate work from home job for those with any kind of medical experience, although it isn't necessary.

Doctors and other medical professionals sometimes dictate medical information (like a patient's medical history, or laboratory reports) into a tape recorder or other recording device. A medical transcriptionist is then hired to transcribe that information, quickly and accurately, into "written" form. Basically, you listen to the dictation, and type what you hear into your word processor.


Are you fluent in more than one language? Then their are work from home translating jobs available to you.

As a translator, you could be hired to translate an ebook from English into Spanish, or translate a series of articles from Chinese into English.

There are plenty of legitimate, work from home jobs available to people at all skill levels. And finding them will be easier than you think.

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