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A Home Based Buisness That I can actually do!

by Eva Wait


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I found a buisness that I can do from home that doesnt require a great deal of education. Not that Im uneducated,Im just not too internet savy. I can work part time and Im still able to stay at home with my family and that is the most important thing for me. I need a business that was simlple and didnt require me to sell anything. I wanted to travel and this buisness has confrences at 4 star resorts and I can bring my family. You cant beat that.

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6 Legitimate Work from Home Jobs

by J. W. Clucher

Are there any legitimate work from home jobs out there?

The answer is "yes."

For many people, being able to work at home and earn a descent amount of money would be a dream come true. Some want to work from home to earn extra cash and supplement their income. Others want to be able to quit their day jobs entirely, and work from home on a full time basis.

What stops many from pursuing this dream is that they don't know how many legitimate, work from home jobs are really out there, or how to find them.

Here are some work at home jobs you might be interested in.

Freelance Writing

This is a great, legitimate work from home job for anyone with good writing skills. For a fee, a freelance writer is hired by companies or individuals to write articles, books, ebooks, reports, email messages, and other written materials.


Anyone who has an eye for proper grammar and punctuation should consider proofreading as a work from home job. A proofreader is hired to look over "copy" (in books, brochures, menus, and so on) with a fine tooth comb, and search for grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors. A proofreader may also make changes to make the writing seem more professional and polished.

Data Entry

If you can type, you should consider data entry. This legitimate work from home job involves typing data (given to you by the person or company that hired you) into a database or spreadsheet. For example, you might be hired to enter a list of clients' names and addresses into a company's database.


As a telemarketer, you would be hired by a company to contact potential new customers by phone and offer them the company's goods or services, often at a discount.

Medical Transcription

This is a good, legitimate work from home job for those with any kind of medical experience, although it isn't necessary.

Doctors and other medical professionals sometimes dictate medical information (like a patient's medical history, or laboratory reports) into a tape recorder or other recording device. A medical transcriptionist is then hired to transcribe that information, quickly and accurately, into "written" form. Basically, you listen to the dictation, and type what you hear into your word processor.


Are you fluent in more than one language? Then their are work from home translating jobs available to you.

As a translator, you could be hired to translate an ebook from English into Spanish, or translate a series of articles from Chinese into English.

There are plenty of legitimate, work from home jobs available to people at all skill levels. And finding them will be easier than you think.

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Work At Home Business - Independence Can Be Yours

by Paul Proctor

Many Americans dream to work from home. Whether you are mom who stays at home or you are tired of the daily work at the office, you can be your own boss once you work from home. Yes, its not a fantasy, you can start working today for your professional and financial independence.

When you're considering a home business, one of the first things to decide is whether to have a physical business or an internet business. Internet businesses let you do virtual tasks; physical businesses involve more concrete tasks. For instance, you might make and sell gift baskets, run a home-improvement service of some kind, work as a professional shopper, or start a financial consulting business.

It is the internet based work at home business that is attracting more and more ambitious people everyday. You see advertisements on every television channel and many public web pages. Whether it is selling at an online auction house or virtual marketing, it is easy to see why entrepreneurs are eager to jump on this opportunity. If you are ready to begin this type of business, you should congratulate yourself. You are ready to make your dreams a reality. Now you need to know how to get started.

You must keep these things in mind when you start: You must choose a job that you like, and a job that you would be good at. If you do these things, then you will help you to succeed at your home job. If you are not very good at the job, then it will frustrate you. If you dislike your job, then you won' t want to do anything extra for it. So remember, pick a job that is likeable, and one that you are good at.

Plenty of people offer advice on how to start your own home-based business, but not all of these sources are trustworthy. How can you find someone you can trust for advice? A good way to start is to look for similar businesses online and read testimonials from successful owners. Once you find people who have succeeded, get to know them and look for someone trustworthy. As you get to know these people, get advice from them: how do they make decisions? What difficulties have they faced? What online businesses have they found to be legitimate?

You should also consider other business and legal ramifications. Creating a business plan will help you continue to focus on your original intentions as your business grows. Several e-books are available to help you write an effective business plan. If you are marketing online or creating email lists, be sure to look into the additional (or different) regulations apply to Internet businesses. Learn about privacy policies and SPAM regulations. If you are also selling online, be sure to follow national and international Federal Trace Commission regulations. If you are a freelance writer, study copyright laws.

After this research, you should feel confident that you can start a work at home business. Remember, it doesn't take a genius; it just takes someone with ambition, common sense, and diligence. Now you can make your dreams come true.

About the Author

Many people are looking for their idea of the perfect work at home situation. Before making the decision to work at home, you need to think about your likes, dislikes, skills, and family situation. The are many options to choose from when deciding you want to work from home.

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Home Based Business: Tips That Work Always!

by Sean Milea

A home-based business brings many benefits. For one, you can plan and build the business on your own schedule. Other than web hosting expenses for websites, costs are low and accumulate slowly, and you have no need to hire employees when you are doing everything on your own. These practical steps will help you increase your home-based business:

Get to know your business from the ground up. You don't want to leave yourself vulnerable to the underhanded practices of others, so you need to become thoroughly acquainted with everything from marketing to production/procurement to selling and shipping. Protect yourself from rip-offs.

Learn to explore. Surely, there are still so many techniques that you haven't learned about. That is why it is advisable to study the works of your competitors. Analyze their marketing strategies and why they do or don't work. Take note of their website's layout and contents too, especially on the aspect of driving traffic towards their website.

Study the Internet. If you want your home-based business to truly prosper, then you need to set up a website. However, it may require you to even have a brush on Internet basics. This includes the area of search engine optimization and other Internet marketing strategies like article marketing, PPC marketing, and affiliate marketing. You can download several free and good ebooks about them or read published articles about these topics.

Reward yourself. You will certainly feel motivated if you have a reward on sight, perhaps in the form of vacation or gadget. This will compel you to finish your work ahead of schedule or strive harder with your marketing efforts.

Do the business seriously. What you reap is what you sow. If you take to heart what you're doing, then work will pay you handsomely. Otherwise, you will lose your business before you know it.

About the Author

You can get a free copy of our latest ebook by clicking here: The 7 Keys To Business Marketing Success. Sean Milea writes about Business Marketing at http://www.BizRave.com

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Running A Small Business And A Family- Here Is Some Helpful Hints To Make It Work For You

by Peter Cheongkh

Running A Small Business And A Family- Here Is Some Helpful Hints To Make It Work For You

When you decide that running a small business would be right for you have you also thought if it would be compatible with also having to raise a family at the same time. You probably decided if you have small children that it would be easiest to run your small business out of your home if possible. Well some of the ways to help make it easier is if you have an infant baby at home to raise try to keep him on a schedule that would work for the both of you. If you stay with that schedule every day you will then know the best times you will be able to work. Your baby will start a routine of when he will sleep and need to be nursed. When you start to see his schedule on sleeping you then can devote those hours to working at your small business. If you have school aged children you should plan them activities when they come home from school. They will probably have homework to do.

The best time to do that would be right after school. When they come home and want to play first thing you will have a hard time getting them to do their homework later. Then that will frustrate you and your child. You will probably end up in a argument with your child over it . You will then get stressed out because you see you have a deadline to meet for your small business and are so stressed you have fallen behind in your work. Lord knows raising a family alone is difficult enough so when you are trying to work from home it can be a disaster if you don't plan a schedule every day for yourself and your children. Now if you are the wife running the small business you know you actually have 2 or 3 jobs at the same time. You know that the clothes need to be done,the dishes need washed,the floors need swept and mopped, dinner needs to be cooked. The list goes on and on. Know you are not magic and can't take on the world by yourself. If your children are old enough give them some chores around the house to do. When your husband comes home from work try to get him to help with something small around the house. You know he wouldn't want to wash a dish or clean a bathroom but maybe get him to look over the kids homework.

Make sure that everything looks OK on your child's homework. If it's not you can get your husband to help your child with a subject he may not quite understand. This will also give them quality time together. When you try to keep things in prospective you will see that running a small business in your home is the right thing for you to do. You will know you have accomplished a lot at the end of each day and your children and your husband will be very proud of all the work you have done to help the family. The extra income from running your small business will be worth it at the end of the day if you remember to ask for help from your family. You have to have some relaxation time for yourself or you will be so exhausted you will regret trying to handle a small business out of your home. And you know you put a lot of hard work in preparing to do this so you need to make it work for you. Good luck and you know you are a winner. You can do it you can raise a family and run a small business. What an accomplishment.


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Free Month of Success Training for your home business

by eric barton

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The Main Problem Facing Home Business Owners Today

by Aaron Aldama

What is the main problem facing home business owners today? No one has any clue how to market or sell their product. See the one great advantage of starting a home business, is also the one disadvantage. The one great advantage of starting a home business is you do not need much capital or experience to start. Now with those facts in mind, home businesses let everyday people start and run a business, which is great. But it also has it's drawbacks with some companies over promising and under delivering, what's more these companies offer no solutions for the average person to market their product. If you have a business background then you will understand the ups and downs of starting a home business. Some people are starting a business for the first time and this is where the problem lies. People starting a home business for the first time may have been promised the world just to join the company and then once they start their business they have no training to help them out. Or maybe they expect to strike it rich in one month and when they don't, they quit and leave with a bad taste in their mouth.

Now it is not entirely the companies fault. Some people just have a get rich quick mentality and are just lazy plain and simple. I think people have not come to fully recognize what a home business is. It is your business you are responsible for running it not the main company. Many companies expect you to already know how to fully market and run a business. All the companies are giving you is an opportunity to sell their products and they handle all of the major parts of running a business for you. Now the companies are not entirely off the hook. Why? Many companies are claiming things they should not be claiming, like we will build your down line for you. Work only 10 minutes a day, which is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. If you owned a casino in Vegas would you only keep it open for 10 minutes and then shut down for the day? I highly doubt it. You must use common sense when looking at different home businesses to start.

Now most people starting a home business have no experience running a business ever. So there are many factors they will have to face. For example not wanting to make sales calls over the phone, not knowing how to generate leads, overcoming the fear of rejection, not knowing how to market online, not knowing how to market period and the list goes on.Now you may or you may not have a big bank account to advertise with, either way it really doesn't matter. Why? What good is having the money to advertise with if you have no clue on how to properly spend it. See in the business realm there are more crooks and scam artists cleverly disguised as legit businessmen. If you have no experience in business you will not be able to tell who is who, and I've seen people taken to the cleaners by paying these crooks and scam artists. And if you think Pay Per Click gets any better you are horribly mistaken. If you do not know what you are doing with Pay Per Click you will first be ineffective in your efforts and then you can lose a lot of money learning the hard way.

So what is the solution to all of this? First you must humble yourself and be willing to learn. Next you must look for a company or mentor to help teach you the in's and out's of properly running a home business. You want a company or person who is going to give you straight out answers, no hype or gimmicks. Once you have that you are ready to start your home business.

Use Outsourcing Trends to Expand Your Business

by Ruth Klein

Do what you do best and outsource the rest. Today, even solo entrepreneurs and small businesses are embracing this bit of wisdom, as outsourcing becomes more viable, thanks to the wide reach and 24-hour availability of the Internet.

It's not just domestic outsourcing that's become a trend among small and solo businesses; even offshoring is now no longer the domain of international companies. According to the research company Evaluserve, small businesses offshoring their outsourcing needs has become so common, it's attracted it's own moniker—P2P, or "person-to-person" offshoring. Writing and translation services, tutoring and software development are among the ways P2P outsourcing is being used by small businesses and solo entrepreneurs, according to Evaluserve.

1. Don't let geography stop you.

The Internet allows worldwide reach. Even virtual interns are becoming commonplace at major universities with students who are well-versed in working online ready to get the experience they need, wherever the job is located. Online resources such as www.timeanddate.com allow you to juggle time zones with ease.

2. Acclimate your team to your culture.

Let your team members know your business culture - the way you want work done, and the atmosphere in which you want it done. For example, do you encourage outside-the-box thinking as part of your business culture? Do you reward a fast turnaround on projects? What are your acceptable-versus-unacceptable boundaries for language and behavior? Give your team members time to absorb and understand your business culture.

3. Think outside the box.

More companies are turning to outsourcing when it comes to public relations and technology functions. However, the goal is to personalize your outsourcing needs. What don't you want to spend the time on, or lack the expertise to accomplish? To find out more about the wide variety of skills and resources available from "virtual assistants," visit the Web site of www.AssistU.com, the premier training source for Virtual Assistants. Another resource that combines business and personal tasks is www.DoMyStuff.com. At this site, you can post your task, whether it is for home office technology repairs, software upgrades, or traditional home repairs and lawn services that are threatening to take away time better spent on your business. More than 40,000 "virtual" businesses will bid on your project, based on the zip code you type in at the Web site.

4. Do your homework.

Before you outsource, create a list of specific skills and valuable attributes, and then cast a wide net to allow you to go deep into your applicant pool to find the best person for you. Check references closely. Start small before contracting the services of an outsourced team member for a larger project. Gradually build up to big projects to allow you to make a quick change along the way if necessary.

5. Protect your intellectual assets.

Outsourcing work can open the door to allowing outsiders to see or use proprietary information. Guard your valuable resources by consulting with an outside attorney who specializes in intellectual assets to take adequate steps to ensure the security of your assets.

Home Business And Modern Technology

by Luis Soares

There are two types of millionaires:

a) The millionaire who is "married" to the job and has no time for anything else; no time for family, friends, a decent vacation, basically just lives for the job/business and the reason for this is that it takes a lot of work to build an empire and keep it from sinking, therefore it is imperative to oversee the business at all times.

b) The millionaire who takes advantage of the new technologies and has time for the family, friends and vacations, while still overseeing the business.

One often hears of relationships that end due to overworked partners, children who miss the company of one of the parents, friends who comment on how they don't see "so and so" because they're too busy. Makes one think whether the human being was really meant to give up so much, to have a comfortable life.

The world has molded mankind in such a way that one has to follow certain rules to make a living, from an early age man is "programmed" to survive in the modern world: education - work - own family - even more work - retirement - death. Sad but it exactly what happens, those more ambitious will start their own business which will, undoubtedly, mean even more work. Some fortunate enough will enjoy their retirement and travel, go on vacations or just enjoy one's leisure, but not many can do it for health or financial reasons.

Owning a business imperatively means investments which rules out most of the working class, with all the bills to pay, there usually is very little left over. Often the bank is the chosen source of capital and subsequently extra financial burden and with it more work to meet the budget.

Presently a new type of entrepreneur arises, one who uses modern technology to create a business with less investment due to a variety of factors, starting with the fact that one doesn't, in the majority of cases, need a building for the business, one can work from home or anywhere in the world and still oversee the organization, usually one can, if so desired, work less hours due to automated systems.

So why doesn't everyone have a home business?

Some people like to work for others; some like to commute getting, out of the house every morning appeals to them; not everyone has the ambition to own a home business; some are skeptical; some even haven't heard of it, the list is endless.

For those who are ready for a home business there is a vast list of opportunities available, perhaps the difficult part is to choose the one that suites each one of the future entrepreneurs so the selection process has to be pondered, bearing in mind that there are scams everywhere that promise the world and deliver nothing!

There is no reason why a home business entrepreneur can't have more than one business at the same time and that's one of the many reasons that home businesses backed by the right technology (available to anyone who owns a computer) is so appealing to those who want to build a successful career in the home business new era, welcome aboard and good luck!

Are You Open For Business? And How?

by Jon Caldwell

Everyone markets their brand, including Presidential candidates. Whereas in the past, candidates have relied heavily upon volunteers to create a grassroots movement through door-to-door and telephone marketing, the 2008 election has added internet technology and Marketing 2.0 to its repertoire.

Hillary Clinton, for example, has figured out how cleverly created YouTube videos have garnered attention from the younger generation, the ones with the most voting potential. Her Sopranos spoof was viewed over 250,000 times. She got outside of the box of the traditional, stiff campaign format, and braved something new. She's already won many supporters with her campaign, which includes a Web 2.0, user-friendly website, blog included.

Barack Obama, too, understands the value in reaching the technologically savvy demographic. His donation campaign was conducted in part via email. Rather than a contributor sending $20 and never hearing back, the campaign managers cleverly set up a system that allowed people donations to be matched by other donors. Each donor could contact one another and write why they supported Barack. Again, note the interactive character never seen before.

Do you have a large business or personal data base of customers, contacts, clients, and friends and family? Now your can turn your contacts or address book into cash.

Sitting down to write something for your business, whether a press release, newsletter, web page or plain old letter, can be pretty intimidating. You can zing off emails to friends without a second thought, but once it concerns your livelihood - money, in other words - it's easy to find other things to do that suddenly become much more important. Making another cup of tea and seeing if Wikipedia lists the ingredients of Birds Custard*, for instance.

And there's so much bad writing out there! So many websites going on and on and on and on and on about blue-skies solutions, outside the box thinking and stakeholder management. It's sometimes hard to stop yourself from screaming "Get to the point!" before ripping your monitor from its wires and throwing it, and yourself, out the window. And you'd hate to add to all that bad writing, wouldn't you?

Before you start your design for your catalogs, one of the most important decisions you have to make is the paper stock you're going to use. With any luck, you'll be able to select the best kind that would really make a big impact to your target clients.

On the other hand, if you're not sure what to use for your catalog printing, then this article can help you to find the most appropriate paper for your catalogs.

Regardless of the size, color, or even the finishing of your print materials, the kind of paper you're going to choose should depend on the kind of catalog printing piece you're making.

However, for the sake of understanding the different paper stocks that can be utilized for your catalogs, let's see and compare what other kind of paper can be used for other marketing collaterals.

To make sure that you're getting the most appropriate paper choice for your catalogs, discuss with your catalog printer your paper needs. Your printer can even suggest a few suppliers who not only can provide you the kind of paper that you need, but most importantly, the saving you'll have on your overall costs.

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Blue Ocean Strategy . . . The future trend of Business strategy ?

by Zigfred Diaz

I was in Star Bucks Club Ultima this afternoon to talk with a friend regarding a new business that he is planning to start.

One of the things that he mentioned was this unique business strategy that's quite different from what we traditionally learn in business school. According to him, this strategy sorts of deviates from normal business concepts that we hear and read from the usual management gurus. This strategy is called "Blue Ocean Strategy"

I was intrigued by the idea so I did a little bit of research on the subject. Blue Ocean Strategy is a corporate strategy that aims to tap unclaimed markets making competition irrelevant. The strategy is embodied in the book entitled "Blue Ocean Strategy" by Professors W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne and Published by Harvard Business School Press. The authors claim that the Blue Ocean Strategy is a result of several years of study of strategic moves by over 30 industries in a span of 100 years.

In the book, "Blue Ocean" refers to an untapped market, a market wherein there is only little or no competition at all enabling anyone to claim the market for his own since it is not yet too crowded. In contrast, "Red Ocean" refers to a market where competition is very high. The market is considered as very crowded already since almost everybody is producing the same type of service and the same kind of goods.

The Blue Ocean strategy is simply to innovate something; something that makes people gives a higher value for a certain product or service. Since doing this would require additional cost, the cost that is incurred by the value added is reduced by eliminating product or service features that the market does not really care about.

In order that this can be understood well a "local" application must be cited. According to my friend a classic example of how the Blue Ocean Strategy was used here in the Philippines is the strategic moves of the Gokongwei group. As we all know, the Gokongwei group owns Mobile phone company, Sun Cellular and airline Cebu Pacific among other companies.

Since the market for mobile phones has already been saturated by both Smart and Globe, what Sun Cellular did is to create a "new market" by adding value to products already found in existing markets. As a result of this "added" value, (By making sun to sun calls free) a new untapped market was opened. It could be said that Sun Cellular is not competing directly with Globe and Smart but rather they have raised awareness among the people to buy into this "new market." As a result, most people now have two cellular phones or two sim cards in a dual sim phone. In this way Sun Cellular is not "out-performing" Smart and Globe but rather they have created a new market, making competition irrelevant.

In the airline industry, Cebu Pacific has managed to apply the Blue Ocean Strategy by adding "value" to what people really want, which is to "fly." People don't care about a newspaper, a hot meal or a fancily dressed flight stewardess. What people care about is that they can "fly." In order to do this airline fares must go down since this is what people care about. This in a sense allowed Cebu Pacific to tap into the "untapped" market. The existing market is referred to as "customers who can only afford to fly." The untapped market is "every can fly." This is embodied in Cebu Pacfic's advertisement "Now every JUAN can fly" (A play on the words "every juan" = "everyone", with "J" being pronounced as "H", Juan is the "universal" first name of Filipinos just like John is for the Americans) Cebu Pacific has managed to slash down fares by reducing cost on service features that most people do not really care about such as hot meals etc.

Being involved with the International Marketing Group (IMG), I can now clearly see that they have employed the Blue Ocean Strategy in the way they do business. I do not know if they have being doing this consciously or unconsciously. Instead of selling insurance products directly, IMG teaches it's clients and brokers the concepts of financial planning and management. (albeit not in a very organized manner) Product is not given primary importance. The financial broker shows his client his need for financial planning. The financial broker who is well versed in financial planning concepts then introduces products that suits the client needs. The untapped market of financial planning needs by the people is claimed by IMG and the added cost for this value service is compensated by reducing cost with regards to training agents and marketing efforts since IMG works on a model that allows insurance and financial services company to "outsource" their marketing and training. Other insurance companies have already followed this path. The trend now is that insurance agents are now becoming financial planners.

My friend's proposed business has a similar concept but it is something more than financial planning. He wants to introduce a value added service to clients that will enable him to add value to existing service in order to capture "untapped markets" However I could not discuss the details of the plan yet, but I am sure that employing the Blue Ocean Strategy would enable him to succeed in the new business that he is thinking. Perhaps in the proper time I could help him promote his business by writing an article on it, probably when the final details of the plan have been ironed out. However you might want to check out his website at www.premierebusinessinc.com

In Traditional Business strategy we talk about "crushing the competition" whereas in Blue Ocean Strategy we talk about "Creating new markets with little or no competition." Instead of "Strategic Planning" Blue Ocean Strategist resort to "Strategic thinking." Instead of "cutting prices" to capture a market, Blue Ocean Strategy is to add "value" to products and services to claim an untapped market.

I could personally say the Blue Ocean Strategy is a unique strategy. Critiques may say that the Strategy has already existed a long time ago and that principles that are said to be unique to the strategy can be found in other traditional business strategies as well. For me, the critics may just be jealous that they were not the first ones to embody the "strategy" in compact form. The critic's contention are not valid at all since our way of discovering something or learning something is to build upon the knowledge that has been universally accepted by the majority. A new theory is always built upon something that has already been long time accepted as a scientific principle or even theory. (Just like the theory of relativity rest upon the foundations of the principles of thermodynamics, electricity, gravity etc.) Whatever the Critics have to say, the strategy certainly is here to stay and is sure to have an effect on the way future entrepreneurs, managers and leaders will think and do business in the years to come.